Let Me See You

I spent a lot of time this week thinking about the gift of marriage.  A lot can happen over the course of the decades, both for the good and the bad.  When my husband and I were starry-eyed teenagers, we thought we saw Beauty when we looked in each other’s eyes.

What we really saw were
 dreams for the future,
wisps of imagination
and hopes we envisioned
and longed to embrace.
As the years sped by, and life dropped in, those visions faded, and not all of the dreams came true. But something deeper was birthed as we began to see the true heart behind the eyes. Something snuck up on me when I wasn’t looking. 
The wrinkles became
And the weakness
seemed strong
As I looked at the scars
won by living
and facing the world
as one. 



If beauty is in

the eye of one who beholds,

let my eyes see you





Where is Grace?

Behold the sun shines

on the good and bad alike

eye of Grace watches

And my heart
sang a song
birthed from the place
where God must see me
with eyes filled with Grace.  
My own lines
and wrinkles
may look ugly to me
the scars
that I’ve gathered
from the heat of the years. 
But God looks through 
His Grace-Lens
And views 
His Beloved, His Own
clothed with a beauty
from His
  “Many waters cannot quench love
    rivers cannot sweep it away.”
Song of Songs 8:7 NIV 

These Haiku are offered as part of the #Haiku #Poetry challenge set out by Ronovan Hester at his site:
Ronovan Writes 
where the prompts are “Behold&Eye.”
Take a peek over there for some fun with Haiku!  

I am also linking today with:
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12 thoughts on “Let Me See You

  1. So true, Bettie. The “wrinkles became beautiful” by those “scars won by living together.” What really brings tears to my eyes are these lines:
    “But God looks through
    His Grace-Lens
    And views
    His Beloved, His Own
    clothed with a beauty
    from His
    I am so grateful God looks at us through His Grace-lens. Thank you for this encouragement today, my friend! Love and hugs!


  2. Dear Trudy,
    Yes, doesn't our whole perspective shift when we realize that God is looking at us through His Grace-filled eyes? I am so thankful for that Grace also! And, I am so grateful for the Grace and Encouragement that you always bring here, Dear Friend. I am praying for strength to be renewed for you as the springtime returns. Love and Hugs!


  3. Bettie, I love you haiku and so much yes to these words – “But God looks through
    His Grace-Lens
    And views
    His Beloved, His Own
    clothed with a beauty
    from His
    No one will love us as Jesus does. His grace is enough to cover all our imperfections. He gives much grace in a marriage to help us grow older together and in Him.
    Blessings to you dear Bettie, my sister/poet/friend! xoxo


  4. Dear Gayl,
    OH I am so thankful that “His grace is enough to cover all our imperfections.” Some days it's just too easy to focus there, where I feel so lacking. But HIS grace is so much deeper, both for ourselves, and yes, for our spouses too! I hope you are getting some drier weather now, in your rain-drenched state! Praying for all of you down south, with Love and Hugs! xoxo


  5. Oh what a beautiful post this is! How my heart is warmed by being here today. These words: “But something deeper was birthed as we began to see the true heart behind the eyes” are not only a lovely description of human love but a great depiction of the way God loves us. I've sighed over my blemishes, wrinkles and scars, internal and otherwise, so it is comforting to know that God (and my sweet husband, bless him!) loves me just as I am. He definitely does view us through a lens of unconditional love. Bettie, thank you for such an encouraging word and lovely haiku. You never fail to bring a smile to my face whenever I read your words! Blessings, love and hugs to you, dear friend. xoxo


  6. Dear Joy,
    I am so blessed that you found a smile here today! Some days I feel that these struggles that we are walking through surely increase the wrinkles and lines that we bear! But I am so glad for that “lens of unconditional love” with which our Lord sees us, and for the way that He won't let us stay in the shadows! He truly does want to see us! And, isn't it a gift when He lets us see our spouses through that same lens? I pray that you can have a restful week my dear friend. Hugs and Love to you! xoxo


  7. Thank you Susan! I am so thankful that Gayl encouraged me to give these Haiku challenges a try. What a blessing they have been to me! And what a blessing to have Sisters in the Lord to walk alongside! Bless you Dear Sister!


  8. Dear Victor,
    Thank you for your kind words! It's always a special blessing to see you here. And, yes, I am so grateful that God's Grace and Love endures through the Seasons! Blessings to you!


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