Weakness: Our Story, Chapter 7

Moving day had finally come. After 17 years, we were leaving Wisconsin. And we were leaving, not in strength for a bigger and better home, but in weakness as we had become so aware of our physical ill health. The picture before me only emphasized what I had come to know: I had never been … Continue reading Weakness: Our Story, Chapter 7

Part 4: Chapter 1 – Day 1: Preserved in the Wilderness

After several weeks of pausing because of our move, I am so very grateful to be able to re-blog again, joining here at my sister, Anna’s site, as we share from our book, “Arise and Shine: Beloved You Are Mine.” Today’s post is from Part 4, Chapter 1, acacia wood – incorruptible humanity. It was such an encouragement to my heart to read the words that God gave me several years ago–He knew that other desert times would be facing me again. HIS deliverance is so great! Come, read along with us:

Arise & Shine

Welcome to Day 1 of Part 4‘s Chapter 1. Today, Bettie is bringing forward our first free will offering of acacia wood – incorruptible humanity in Christ Jesus. May you be blessed and uplifted, as Bettie shares the comfort and encouragement God gave her through His Word with us all. Open our hearts to receive Your Word to us today, oh LORD.

Some days the weight of my own humanity feels too much to bear. I am altogether aware of every shortcoming, every wound, and every stain. The trial has seemed to blaze a scorching onto my bare head, and I want to run for cover.

Perhaps you have felt the same?

If we could just hide away, somewhere dark and cool, find a cave in the midst of this desert, we think that we will be safe. Oh, but the enemy of our souls hides in…

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Part 3: The Oil of Anointing

During this last week of packing and moving from our home, what a gift from the Lord to be reminded of this older poem and words He gave me years ago. He has borne the deepest wounding so for us, and in that wounding He became the precious anointing oil poured over our lives. I am so thankful to join my dear friend, Anna, at her site for the next installment of our book, “Arise and Shine, Beloved You Are Mine.” Today we begin Part 3, The Oil of Anointing. Will you join me there?

Arise & Shine

Welcome to Part 3 ofArise and Shine: The Oil of Anointing. Today,Bettieis opening part 3 with a devotional, including a poem and Spirit-led song she was gifted, as she shares what God showed her about the process required to make the anointing oil and its connection to Christ’s labor of love and our response to that.

Join us in the coming days and weeks for the chapters and daily free will offerings connected to the Oil of Anointing. We will be posting these as the LORD leads us.

Have you seen the beautiful plant called “Crown of Thorns?” It is a reliable bloomer that keeps me going through the garden-less days of winter. But just because it’s reliable, doesn’t mean it’s boring. I am always moved by the beauty that rests alongside the pain of this plant. Thorns are jagged along the whole stem, with…

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Miracles: Our Story, Chapter 6

When I have shared these posts from the chapters of Our Story, remembering the ways that God led us through our years of ministry, I have usually seen a correlation between then and now. However, this month's correlation is a little more unusual than most. So I am saving the current update until after the … Continue reading Miracles: Our Story, Chapter 6

Part 2: Chapter 3 – Gold Perfection

I am so very thankful to share the landing page for Part 2 Chapter 3, of “Arise and Shine: Beloved You Are Mine” with my dear friend, Anna Smit. When we first wrote these chapters several years ago, I had no idea how God would bring these thoughts back to me again, in even deeper lessons. Truly HE is that pure and perfect Heavenly Gold given to us, in the middle of our own imperfect weaknesses. I would love to invite you to join me over at Anna’s site for her precious introduction, and links for each day’s devotional:

Arise & Shine

Welcome to Chapter 3 of Part 2. This week we are resting in the free will offering of gold: the perfection of Christ, the Living Word of God. Today, Anna is sharing an introductory post, as she reflects on how God compels us to bring forward this free will offering in Christ, through the shaking and refining fires He sends our way.

At the end of this introduction, you are invited to join Anna and Bettie in prayer. Each day, we will then also add a new free will offering of gold – poems, prayers and testimonies of praise and thanksgiving to our God. May each offering encourage you also to bring forward your own free will offering of pure gold in Christ Jesus.

Take a sacred offering for the Lord. Let those with generous hearts present the following gifts to the Lord: gold, silver, and bronze;Exodus 35:5

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Part 2: Chapter 2 – Bronze Judgment

Praise God for the gift of God’s merciful and right judgements in our lives. I would love for you to join me at my dear friend Anna’s site, for Chapter 2 “Bronze Judgement” of Part 2 of our book, “Arise and Shine, Beloved You are Mine.” Every week when I re-blog these new chapters, and the landing page for that week’s devotionals, I am in awe of how God’s timing is so perfect. He continues to bring His Word deeper into my own heart too:

Arise & Shine

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Part 2 of Arise and Shine. Today, Anna is sharing an introductory post on the free will offering of bronze, including a prayer she penned together with Bettie and a link to a Michael W. Smith song.

Take a sacred offering for the Lord. Let those with generous hearts present the following gifts to the Lord: gold, silver, and bronze; Exodus 35:5

The bronze from the wave offering was 70 talents and 2,400 shekels. Exodus 38:29 NIV

The site Bible History tells us:

“The main use for bronze was in the tabernacle furniture within the outer court, in the places where exceptional strength and heat resistance was important. Bronze has a melting point of 1,985 degrees. Since the altar was a place where intense heat was present it was overlaid with bronze.

Ex 27:1-2 You shall make an altar of acacia wood…

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Part 2: Chapter 2 – Day 5: Eternal Redemption

Today at my dear friend Anna’s site, God renewed a poem I wrote several years ago. He brought it full-circle for me in this season of transition and redemption. I would love to have you join us for Part 2, Chapter 2, Day 5 of our book, “Arise and Shine: Beloved You Are Mine.”

Arise & Shine

Welcome to Day 5 of Chapter 1 of Part 2 from Arise and Shine. Today, Bettie is sharing a personal story about prayer and God’s redemption. The devotional includes a beautiful prayer and a link to a song that communicates the beauty of God’s eternal redemption.

“I will restore to you the years
that the swarming locust has eaten,
the hopper, the destroyer, and the cutter,
my great army, which I sent among you.

“You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied,
and praise the name of the Lord your God,
who has dealt wondrously with you.
And my people shall never again be put to shame.

“You shall know that I am in the midst of Israel,
and that I am the Lord your God and there is none else.
And my people shall never again be put to shame.” Joel 2:25-27 ESV

In the wandering…

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Part 2: The Living Water of God

I am so grateful to join with my dear friend, Anna, this week as we begin Part 2, The Living Water, from our book. I would love to invite you to read my poem and thoughts that God brought fresh to us both again:

Arise & Shine

On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out,“Ifanyonethirsts,lethimcometomeanddrink.John 7:37 (ESV)

Welcome to Part 2 of Arise and Shine: The Living Water of God. Today, Bettie is opening part 2 with a devotional, including a poem and prayer. She shares a personal testimony on the gift of God’s living water that washes us in the truth and grace of our God.

May God bless you richly today, as you sit at His feet with us to listen and drink deeply of His living water in your weakness and need. May God pour out rivers of living water in our midst, out of each of our hearts, as He awakens fresh faith in us, through the power of His living and active Word.

“Oh, Lord, I will never be washed clean enough!” The words escaped from my lips as yet another sore…

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Chapter 2: Clothed in Fine White Linen

I am so very thankful to be able to share with my dear friend Anna Smit, this week’s installment of our book, “Arise and Shine, Beloved You Are Mine.” Join us at her site for Chapter 2, and the daily poetry and devotionals about the Fine White Linen of His Purity.

Arise & Shine

Welcome to Chapter 2 ofArise and Shine: Beloved, You are Mine. This week we invite you to join us, daily, in bringing forward the free will offering of pure white linen: the white garments Jesus has promised to clothe us in, as we overcome in His Name.

Today,Bettie Gilbertintroduces us to chapter 2 and the free will offering of white linen, as she looks at its function in the Old Temple. Through a personal story, she shares how Jesus showed her that this now mirrors Christ’s hemming in, as He lovingly invites us to be set apart unto Him to be clothed in His purity in our surrender to His beautiful purposes.

Exodus 35:5-6 Take a sacred offering for the Lord. Let those with generous hearts present the following gifts to the Lord:blue, purple, and scarlet thread; fine linen

Rev 15:6 And out of the temple…

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Our Story: Chapter 5

You will be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will bestow.” Isaiah 62:2 Her name was Beckon Fretfulness. Everyone knew they could depend on her to listen to their hard stories. After all, her life seemed easy compared to the difficulties that most of her friends found themselves in. They … Continue reading Our Story: Chapter 5