At His Feet

She wasted it all
This woman who sat at the feet of Jesus
Who suffered the rebuke of her sister for leaving duties undone
This same one would be called Beautiful
because of what Jesus saw in her Act of Worship
Pouring our her costly perfume
Just for Him
Last week, as I read a beautiful post, “God’s Treasures in Clay Vessels” from Wendy at “Widows Manna,” her words took me back to a day several years ago before my RA/Fibro journey had begun. (Thank you, Wendy for encouraging me to share my story here.) I was that Woman in a dramatic portrayal Jesus had put on my heart.  I had portrayed The Woman at the Well many years before, but after a time of brokenness in a relationship, the Lord stretched my heart to write one final drama that would combine the stories of three women whose brokenness had been turned into worship.  And the final segment belonged to Mary, as she broke open her alabaster box, anointing Jesus with her costly perfume.  
Oh what a freeing time of expression the Lord gave to me through that portrayal.  For you see the main thought that I expressed through Mary’s Worship was in the Joy that she felt to be at Jesus’ feet.  Joy to be allowed to sit and glean from His speaking, Joy to find her grief turned inside out when Jesus raised her brother Lazarus, and finally, Joy to have her Love be fully accepted when she poured out her worship on his feet.  That portrayal was a kind of culmination for me: an expression of what Jesus had worked in my own heart through the years of letting go of pain and embracing His healing.
But it turns out the culmination was actually a beginning. (Isn’t that just like our God?  He seems to delight in re-telling our stories!)  One day last year, as I faithfully massaged my daily essential oils onto my sore and tired feet, my vision clouded and I saw myself going through the motions of pouring that oil out as Mary did.  And I heard the whisper of God saying to remember that anointing every night as I poured out the oil onto my own feet, because Jesus was now anointing me.  My act of worship to portray Mary, had now become my own act of prayer as I waited for the healing that was in His hand to provide.  
But as sweet as that was, the days moved on, and my feet continued to ache.  The inflammation continued to wax and wane.  Even as I found myself shut-in with Jesus, I chafed at the restrictions.  But He has been fulfilling my heart’s desire:  to be at His feet.
In the night when my soul aches with anxiety, my words are few, and I have come to a new place of being poured out.  Even as healing comes to joints long stiffened with pain, my silent love is spilling out, Worshiping at HIS FEET.
My dear friend sang this song at the conclusion of the Drama, when we offered it for our Church’s Women’s Retreat.  I hope this version by Clint Brown blesses you as much as it continues to bless me.

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8 thoughts on “At His Feet

  1. Lovely picture. Praying for you in the chronic struggle with RA (I know it well via a loved one) and in the Lord's teaching and leading you through it! Blessings, thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Bettie!
    What a beautiful portrait of the anointing oil! I love how you connected it to the story of Mary and Jesus. What joy it must have been to sit at his feet and I love how you let us enter into the story with you and taste a little of the healing that was poured out on you, too! xo


  3. Thank you for your encouraging words! And thank you for your prayers also–it helps so much to know that someone who is also walking in the chronic illness pathway is praying. I will keep your loved one in my prayers now also! –Blessings to you!


  4. Hi Valerie, Thank you for your kind words! Yes, isn't it amazing the way that the lives and the characters in God's Word can come alive to us, now, when HE draws us into their stories? He is the giver of creativity after all! And that reminds me of your post today as well! –Blessings and Hugs to you!


  5. I love how God pointed you to remember how Mary poured out the oil to anoint Jesus' feet, Bettie. Now as you oil your feet, you can remember Jesus is anointing you. So beautiful. I rejoice that God turned your brokenness into worship. I'm sure it's still hard as you struggle with pain and anxiety, but to know He is anointing you in this trial is such a blessing. May He continue to anoint you with strength for each day! Hugs!


  6. Thank you Trudy! Yes, isn't God so good to remind of His promises at just the right moment? I pray that He is bringing special reminders to you today also! –Hugs!


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