Darkness Becomes Light

In the dark of winter, I am so grateful for the gift of electricity and the light it brings. But come February, my soul is weary of both the dim shadows and the glaring reflections those electric lights bring. I am ready for the warmth of the sun!

So when the word prompts given by Ronovan Hester  at his site RonovanWrites for his weekly #HaikuPoetry challenge were given, I knew where my thoughts were flying. “Love&Light” brought me right into the heart of longing that happens at this time of year.  But then I decided to take another risk, and combine his #HaikuPoetry challenge with a Photo Challenge that he suggested as well!  So I ventured over to see the weekly photo challenge at the site of Wild Daffodil where her Photo Prompt for the week was “Artificial.”  Ahh, those prompts could not be better suited for each other

 . . . At least from my little corner . . . 
Turn on the Light Switch
Glows the bulb artificial
Where is my true Sun?
 –Bettie Gilbert
And because my heart is also stirred by the Light of the Truth, my thoughts filled up another verse. This one reflects the Scripture that is most often quoted at Christmas Time:

The people walking in darkness
    have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
    a light has dawned.  Isaiah 9:2 NIV 

True Light
Come my Love and see
In the darkness shines a Light
Taste and find the Truth
 –Bettie Gilbert 
In these days where darkness still lingers, 
I pray that the Light of God’s Truth 
might shine a warmth
into our days
and into our hearts.
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20 thoughts on “Darkness Becomes Light

  1. I love being reminded of that verse in Isaiah 9, Bettie. And both of your poems resonate in my own heart. I, too, long for the warmth of the sun in nature. I was just thinking how much harder it would be at this time of the year if we didn't know the Light of God's Truth that can shine warmth into our hearts and lives. Thank you for helping me to remember what a blessing that is as I am so looonging for Spring. Love and hugs!


  2. Bettie, how timely this prompt and your beautiful responses to it are! February is when the light still fades far too soon and our winter-weary souls need a reminder of the Light of the world and His ability to shine His Love, Light and Truth into the darkness. Such a wonderful thought to hug close on cold and dark days like this! I love how you've been inspired this week. Thank you, dear poetic friend. Hugs and love to you! xoxo


  3. Dear Trudy,
    Yes, isn't God so gracious to give us His own Light? And, I was also so glad when the Lord brought that Scripture to mind, for this grey time of the year. I wonder why we set aside some verses and only bring them out for a Holiday? God's Light is so present to help us when we look to Him! I'm waiting for those spring-time days along with you, friend! xoxo


  4. Dear Joy, Yes, I am so thankful for that reminder from the LIght of the World to look up for His encouragement in these dark days. And your words:
    “Such a wonderful thought to hug close on cold and dark days like this,” help me to cling to God's Light also. Thank you for your sweet heart that continues to lift my eyes up to Jesus, Dear Friend! Hugs and Love to you too! xoxo


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