Shadows in the Stillness

Wow. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I wonder who it is that stares at me.  When did the eyes sink low, and the grey paint this hair? 

Do you ever feel that way?
The years flow swiftly 
and my heart has trouble
keeping pace.
But there is ONE who sees with eyes 
that are true,
and HE would call me close
to see with eyes
made new with HIS sight. 

Turn my eye to you
Love bids my heart come, look in
The shadows all fade   
–Bettie Gilbert

The beauty of youth
Fades, the mist and shadows spin 
Eye of Love sees true. 
–Bettie Gilbert 

“The eye is the lamp of the body. You draw light into your body through your eyes, and light shines out to the world through your eyes. So if your eye is well and shows you what is true, then your whole body will be filled with light.”

Matthew 6:22 (The Voice) 


Are your eyes weary with the shadows

or the fading of light?

Will you look with me
for eyes made pure
and vision restored 
from a light within?

I pray that we will lift our lamps

to catch the light
that Jesus brings
and take Joy in a Love that sees true. 




These poems are offered as part of the challenge put out by Ronovan Hester at his site RonovanWrites, for his weekly #Haiku #PoetryPrompt, where the words this week are “Eye&Fade.”  


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22 thoughts on “Shadows in the Stillness

  1. Bettie,
    I'm laughing at the first lines of your post because YES! I wonder the same thing! Where is that young girl (that I think I still am) when I look in the mirror? 🙂 I love your lines of poetry that ask us to turn our eyes to the one who sees us as we really are (eternally beautiful in his sight) and the light that our eyes so need. Happy Valentine's Day to you, friend! xo


  2. Your poetry always encourages me to slow down and really listen. Thanks for sharing these, Bettie! I do relate to what you're saying about looking in the mirror. Who is this? ha.
    “I pray that we will lift our lamps
    to catch the light
    that Jesus brings
    and take Joy in a Love that sees true.”


  3. Dear Sue,
    Thank you! Yes, I certainly need to answer that call to love more also! And thank you for sharing the prayer request for your friend. It must be so difficult to walk this path of RA without someone to be that support. I will surely pray for Suzanne! –Blessings to you!


  4. Dear Valerie,
    Yes, who stole that younger version of ourselves? 🙂 I'm glad you “get my humor!” But what a treasure that we have a LOVE from our Father that never dims or fades. Thank you for your precious thoughts today my friend! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! xo


  5. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate them so much. Isn't it a miracle that we have a Lord who would share His own light with us? I'm so glad that we can know Him there! But, yes, who is that old lady I see in my mirror? ha. Happy Valentine's Day to you, friend!


  6. Bettie, I love your haiku! And this I love ” I pray that we will lift our lamps
    to catch the light
    that Jesus brings
    and take Joy in a Love that sees true.” Yes, take joy in a love that sees true! Blessings to you dear poet/sister/friend! xoxo


  7. Dear Gayl, Thank you! Your kindness is so encouraging to me! And, yes, our Jesus certainly sees things differently than we do! Oh, how I pray that I will rejoice in His truth, even more. Blessings to you also my dear poet/sister/friend! xoxo


  8. I look in the mirror and wonder where the girl went. A friend and I were talking today. My soul – she is that girl. The girl in the mirror? She's just a shell – it's not the real me – it's the girl inside that's the real me! I so enjoyed your poetry – encouraged and reminded that Jesus sees that girl, too!


  9. Oh, thank you for your kind and beautiful thoughts! Yes, that is the truth of what I was feeling as I wrote the poetry. We are still those same little girls–our deepest souls–inside of this shell. Thank you for sharing your insight and thoughts here! –Blessings to you!


  10. BettieG, I appreciate your honest words. I looked at a selfie my friend and I took this morning “in Narnia” outside our door and I thought to myself…when did this 'old' happen to me!!!


  11. I love your beautiful words, Bettie. Thank you for sharing them with the world. Also, thank you for visiting and commenting on my new art piece of: Flaming Love. I appreciate it more than you know. Happy Wednesday Blessings. =-D


  12. Dear Susan, Oh, I am glad I'm not the only one who feels that way when the mirror looks back at me! 🙂 What a treat to have friend with you to share in the “Narnia” weather!


  13. Dear Kimberly,
    Thank you for your encouragement also! I'm glad that we have connected, and can speak good words for each other! I love your art! –Blessings to you also! 🙂


  14. Beautiful, Bettie. These longings resonate in my heart. Oh, how we need our “vision restored from a light within” and “to take Joy in a Love that sees true.” Thank you. Love and hugs!


  15. Dear Trudy, Oh I am so thankful for your kindred heart that feels those longings for a restored way of seeing. I believe that when He touches us with His pure Love, we will have that joy from His heart! Isn't He amazing to give us that Grace gift? Hugs and Blessings to you!


  16. Dear Meg, I look forward to reading your posting! What an encouragement to be sharing God's Word with each other, and confirming His working in our hearts. Love and Prayers to you too, Dear Friend! xoxo


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