Deep Unto Deep

We were drenched with rain this weekend, after a long dry spell. And my heart answered the call of those raindrops when a writing prompt was given by Jamie Wright Bagley over at her blog last week. 
to find her own words and the question, 
“What do you do when the rain calls you?” 

Splashing, sputtering, swishing,
The rain washes everything in sight
Including me!
I come
The drops wash over my soul
Splashing, sputtering, surrendering.




But when the sun broke through, the call to surrender
continued. Here in this place of stillness and slow,
my heart is looking up, longing to find HIS beautiful

And after a long break, I found Haiku words again for the poetry challenge given by Ronovan Hester here,
at his site, where the prompts this week were “Darkness&Deep.” 

Deep Unto Deep

Out of the darkness

comes a cry, deep unto deep

Light answers, flows free. 


 “Deep calls to deep
    in the roar of your waterfalls;
all your waves and breakers
    have swept over me.

By day the Lord directs his love,
    at night his song is with me—
    a prayer to the God of my life.”

There will come a day when darkness 
will no longer hold sway
over our hearts.

The gray of the rain 
will be washed
to brightest blue.

The pain of this world
will be measured pure
with healing for all
who wait for Jesus
to bring us Home.

So color my days here now
with hope for the journey
Looking above.  

And here is the announcement I promised last week! The winner of Susan Chamberlain Shipe’s latest book, 52 Commands of Jesus for Children is my instagram follower: ggmullins2016!

I will be in touch with you to get your mailing address, and Susan will ship your book to you! Congratulations!! 

(I used the service at to generate the results.) 


The book is available
 on Amazon here
for anyone who
would like a great 
resource for
Family Devotions! 

And click here
for Susan’s own website,
where she offers more coloring
pages for you to download.

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14 thoughts on “Deep Unto Deep

  1. Dear Bettie, I love what you did with Jamie's prompt! I wrote down the prompt but never got around to writing about it. I will probably still do it sometime. I also love the haiku. Deep in darkness we call out and the light always finds us and leads to freedom in Christ. So glad I stopped by today. Your words are a balm.

    Many blessings, love and hugs to you, sweet sister! xoxo


  2. You are so welcome, Susan! I have been so honored to be part of the Launch. I will email you the winner's address as soon as I receive it. Thank you for being so open to share your words with all of us! You are a blessing!


  3. Dear Gayl,
    I am so glad that you connected me with Jamie's writing! You have a beautiful family, and a beautiful daughter who shares your creativity! And I am so thankful for your prayers for me as well. Isn't our Lord amazing the way that He reaches into our hearts and finds just the right words to help us along the path of surrender? His light is so far-reaching, leading us to that freedom in Christ. Much Blessings, love and hugs to you too, sweet sister! xoxo


  4. Hi Bettie,
    You've had rain lately too? Ever since Memorial Day, it's poured every single day (although of course, we need it here in Florida) but after the rain, the fresh breeze, the bursts of color are all worth the gloomy showers. Praying for refreshment for you during this season! xo


  5. Dear Valerie,
    Wow, that is a lot of rain! But I agree with you that the fresh breeze and colors after the rain are so worth it! And thank you for your prayers, I am still learning to lean into HIS refreshing rain too! xo


  6. Beautiful words, as usual, sweet friend. And, congratulations to the winner of the book! I do trust Jesus to bless you and that you are having a wonderful day! Much love to you. 🙂


  7. Dear Cheryl, I'm glad you were encouraged here, my friend! And Jesus is so good to bless us in every season, isn't He? Oh, I might have to have a redrawing, since the winner of the drawing for the book has not responded with their mailing address! I guess I will wait a week, and then redraw if I still haven't heard from them! Hope you are having a blessed week also! Love to you too! 🙂


  8. Whew! Those are HOT temps for anyone to deal with! I don't do well in those warm temps either–makes me so thankful for air conditioning! Thank you for your encouraging words! I hope you get some relief with cooler temps soon!


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