25 Days of Christmas – Day 5

“Look, there on the mountains, the feet of one who brings good news,
    who proclaims peace! Celebrate your festivals, Judah,
    and fulfill your vows. No more will the wicked invade you;
    they will be completely destroyed” Nahum 1:15

Did you know that God designed times for celebration? 
Sometimes we tend to think that people are the ones who dreamed up joy and laughter. We place God in our “serious box,” and set Him aside when we want to have fun.

But He tells us to celebrate the festivals! . . .

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where I am so blessed to be sharing with
my friend Ifeoma Samuel
for short devotions, activities, and prayers
for your family this Christmas Season.
Be Blessed!
And for another #HolyHaiku
today’s prompt over at Instagram
with my friend, Susan Shipe
is “Still.”  And since
this has been my #OneWord all year,
I was blessed when my husband and I
stopped by the lake close to our home
this past weekend, and saw
the beautiful still waters:
I pray that you are finding
moments both of stillness
and of celebration
during this Season
of Advent.

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11 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas – Day 5

  1. Amen Hazel! (Every time I write your name, I have such sweet memories, because my Grandmother's name was Hazel!) Yes, He has given us so much to celebrate in our Lord's birth, hasn't He? Blessings to you!


  2. Beautiful, Bettie. I love that we are neighbors at #TellHisStory. I think it's God's reminder to pay attention. He's been directing my attention to the words: joy, jubilee and jubilation. I think my One Word is in the making. When I went running one of the benches had “jubilee” on it that I passed and I immediately thought of the year of Jubilee in the Old Testament- the every 7 years festival of releasing the slaves – “I was made to be free” just played as I wrote that in the song The Garden by Crowder…oh my goosebumps.


  3. Dear Anna,
    Wow, yes, God is so good to keep us in each other's hearts! And I love that word “jubilee” the year that Debts are forgiven, and slaves set free! He is doing miraculous works in the hearts of His children, isn't He? Oh, may my heart be made ready to rejoice! Love and Hugs!


  4. What a lovely reminder to rejoice! Christmas is definitely a time of celebration. We have so much to be thankful for. Quiet moments of stillness can produce an inner joy that is no less profound, just like your beautiful haiku suggests. I seem to be drawn more to stillness and quiet in this season, though I know I mustn't forget to be happy and joyful as well! Bless you, Bettie, for this uplifting post. Love and hugs! xoxo ��


  5. Dear Joy,
    Oh yes, your thoughts are so true that “quiet moments of stillness can produce an inner joy that is no less profound.” Isn't it so vital to offer up praise in so many different forms? And I am certainly coming to appreciate the stillness and quiet more than ever before. I am in awe of our Lord who causes such praise to well up within us, and then, He Himself enjoys our praise! Thank you for your precious thoughts that have stirred up my heart tonight also! Love and Hugs to you! xoxo


  6. Oh, yes, I am learning also. His Presence is such a sweet place, and I beginning to slow down enough for my thoughts to rest with Him there. I am glad we can pray for each other dear sister!


  7. Heading over to read the rest, but dropping you a note before I forget to say, I love the part about putting God in the serious box — because oh how we do, don't we? And stillness…well there's a word near to my heart. Love you Bettie!


  8. Dear Meg, Oh, yes we (at least I know that I do) try to put God in those boxes of my own creating. But how thankful I am that He just won't stay there! 🙂 Yes, love that work of stillness He is bringing about! Love you too Dear Friend! xo


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