The Fountain of Love




Have you ever felt a moment of time connecting the past and the present?  Almost as if eternity had swept up your time into Christ’s life of FOREVER?


I had a moment like that this week, as I came across more of my old journal notes, from 15 or more years ago, and a poem that was written hundreds of years ago, by Madame Jeanne Guyon.  It was a favorite of mine, but it always stirred such a sense of longing within my heart.  I felt that I had not begun to taste of the Love of God whenever I read her poem:


“I love my God, but with no love of mine,
For I have none to give;
I love Thee, Lord, but all the love is Thine,
For by Thy life I live:
I am as nothing, and rejoice to be
Emptied, and lost, and swallow’d up in Thee.

Thou, Lord, alone art all Thy children need,
And there is none beside:
From Thee the streams of blessedness proceed,
In Thee the blest abide:
Fountain of life,
And all-abounding grace,
Our Source, our Centre, and our Dwelling-place.”

–Madame Guyon (from


I was drawn to read several of her books. They are slow reads, requiring much meditation and pondering to let her words soak into your heart.  And then when I opened my first Kindle account 7 years ago, this book, below, was one of the first that I downloaded. I enjoyed being able to highlight words electronically across different devices.


“Prayer is the heat of love, which melts and dissolves the soul, and carries it to God. In proportion as it melts, it gives out its odour, and this odour comes from the love which burns it. . . . This is what the Bride meant when she said, “While the King sitteth at His table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof” (Cant. i. 12). The table is the heart. When God is there, and we are kept near to Him, in His presence, this presence of God melts and dissolves the hardness of our hearts, and as they melt, they give forth their perfume.”

Guyon, Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte. “A Short and Easy Method of Prayer” (Kindle Locations 457-460). Public Domain Books. Kindle Edition.


Again, when I read those words seven years ago, my heart ached with longing.  I knew that the heat of prayer had begun to melt away hard coverings in my heart. I had indeed felt the outer trappings of my own hard heart become a puddle of compassion when I felt the Lord draw near with His gift of prayer.


But as I listened for the first time to the words of this contemporary worship song that I have linked below, it was as if the blinders fell from my eyes.  I realized that I could not feel the depths of the safety of Jesus as long as I was trying to be my own safety.  As I let go of my own ways of protection, then I could see Him as the true fortress that my soul craved. And in this letting go of my own strength these past few years, the Lord has thrust me into His place of peace that my soul used to crave.




It is in the very centre of our hearts that we begin to taste the safety of His pure fortress of love. When we see Him dwelling within us, it is there He will show us the power of His glorious strength:


“You are my strength, I sing praise to you;
    you, God, are my fortress,
    my God on whom I can rely.” Psalm 59:17


And Jesus, Himself, in His last prayer to His Father offered up these words on our behalf:


 “I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one. While I was with them, I protected them and kept them safe by that name you gave me” John 17:11-12


It seems such an odd place for me to learn about strength: I am currently without the proper Rheumatoid Disease medication, and my husband is preparing for knee replacement surgery next week. All of the things that I would like to be so strong in and to do for him, are just not possible.  And yet, in the midst of this very place, I can know that Jesus has prayed for me to see how the Father protects us and keeps us safe.  He wants me to find the same oneness with the Father that He enjoyed, the name that we now bear.  Deep in our hearts we find HIS love covering and protecting us, joining us with Himself.  He is all and everything to us.


Are you in an odd place to learn about strength?

Is there an aching in your soul and a longing in your heart?

Perhaps He wants to carry you into the very centre where He dwells in you

And to give you the strength of His own heart.


Will you join me in prayer this week?


Dear Father,

We come before you now, humbled by the awesome strength and glory that You dwell in. And Father, we are awed that You would love us so much, that You would open the way for us to dwell with You through Your precious Son’s sacrifice.  Will You forgive us for the pride that we have fought so hard to hold onto? And will You continue to lift the blinders off of our eyes, to show us the true safety that You have for us as we come fully surrendered to You?  What a blessed fellowship You have granted to us: to be carried by You through every day, to be in sweet communion with You, through Your own Blessed Holy Spirit.  We praise You for the Love that is gifted to our hearts as we lift our eyes to You.

In the Precious Name of Your son, Jesus, we pray, Amen.





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42 thoughts on “The Fountain of Love

    1. Hi Wendi,
      Thank you for joining along today. What a blessing we have to pray with each other, and to bring our hearts to Him! Blessings to you this day!


    2. So beautiful to see His working in you, Bettie. It’s an upside-down Kingdom, isn’t it? The opposite of what our human hearts and minds believe. The weak are strong, but only because of their surrender to Christ’s strength.

      He takes over our hearts and minds, the more the hard strips us of our defenses. We wouldn’t choose the hard, but God in His grace allows us to walk through it. That is true love, isn’t it?

      As a Mum I can’t imagine not jumping in to “rescue” my girls from the hard. But it’s because God doesn’t jump in, despite carrying our pain and feeling each thing we do, that we grow into His love and become the person He has created us to be – confident and full of peace and joy in the hardest of places. It’s not pressing away our emotions and struggles, but giving them to God and allowing Him to transform our hearts to beat with His beautiful peace, joy and love.

      Oh how much I still have to grow. I’ve only begun what you have been growing into for years. Praying this so much:

      Will You forgive us for the pride that we have fought so hard to hold onto? And will You continue to lift the blinders off of our eyes, to show us the true safety that You have for us as we come fully surrendered to You?

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      1. Dear Anna,
        Oh, yes what grace He offers us to be right there with us, not jumping in to “rescue” out of every hard, but offering us His hand in the very midst of those waves. You are so right, that it’s not in pressing away our emotions and struggles, but giving them each to God, and allowing His transformation to come right there. He is so upside down from the ways of the world. But thank the Lord that He is so beautiful through these days with us! Even as we ask for His forgiveness for our hard-hearted pride, He loves us so much! His ways truly are so far above ours. And what blessedness to know that we can never come to the end of His grace. After all these years, still learning and needing Him so much, He continues to be so merciful in my weaknesses. Thank you for sharing in this journey with me, dear friend! May you feel His love and blessings today! xoxo


  1. I read Hebrews 1 this morning and a line stood out – and I thought I must send it to you.
    I’ll send more to your e-mail. This Son perfectly mirrors God and is stamped with God’s nature. He holds everything together by what he says—powerful words!
    He holds everything together by His WORDS. That is what he has given us to live on and live by.
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts.

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    1. Dear Lisa,
      Oh how amazing our Lord is, the way that He draws us and connects us by His Word! What precious thoughts from Hebrews. The Son is truly the radiance of our Father. Thank you for sharing these beautiful insights here today! Oh, Yes, dear Jesus hold us together in You! Blessings and Love to you today my friend!


  2. Your prayer is inspiring Bettie… It is freeing to be able to rest in His protection, isn’t it…
    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cup of inspiration any time!

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    1. Dear Jennifer,
      Oh yes, what precious mercy He gives us as we rest in His protection. Thank you for visiting here. I have been enjoying getting to “know” you over at your site, and sharing precious “tea time” there! Blessings to you!


  3. ““Prayer is the heat of love, which melts and dissolves the soul, and carries it to God. In proportion as it melts, it gives out its odour, and this odour comes from the love which burns it.” Wow, what a beautiful thought! God is teaching me about finding strength in Him. Through all the years I’ve lived I have seen His hand at work. His love is great and I know that the love I have for others comes from God. Even through hard times I know that God is going to be with me. I need to continually trust and be in communication with Him and know that He is there. May Jesus help us keep our eyes on Him and not on our circumstances or feelings. Blessings to you, dear Bettie. I’m glad you are linking up with us at the #LMMLinkup.

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    1. Dear Gayl,
      Yes, aren’t those quotes so beautiful from Madame Guyon? She went through such deep trials, but from within the midst of those the Lord showed her such precious words about His strength for us. I think that in each season of our lives the Lord takes us into a deeper trust of Him. Fresh mercy for these days, right? I am so thankful that He brings us connections with each other, to point us to Him and to pray for each other! Thank you for your support and love, dear friend! And I am thankful for the sweet connections at LMMLinkup too! Blessings, love and hugs to you too my poet/sister/friend! xoxo


  4. You have such faith, Bettie. “And in this letting go of my own strength these past few years, the Lord has thrust me into His place of peace that my soul used to crave.” May God continue to bless you. Praying for your relief even without the proper meds and for your husband’s upcoming surgery!

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    1. Thank you so much for your prayers, Lisa! They mean so much to me! And I am so thankful that just as Madame Guyon spoke in her poem, I am finding that even my faith is a gift from Him! Messy, awkward and stumbling that I am, He still plants His faith right here. What a precious Lord we have!

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  5. It certainly makes sense that we would not be able to fully enjoy His safety when we are relying on our own. And I suppose it also makes sense that we cannot fully appreciate His strength and the love by which He offers it when we are relying on our own strength.
    I loved praying your prayer with you!
    God is so good! 🙂 ❤

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    1. Oh, He is so good to us, isn’t He? I am so thankful that He allows us to pray together, and praise together too (as you so beautifully invite us to join in with over at your site!) Even across these digital “miles” He is the strength that holds us all together in His Body. Have a Blessed week!

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  6. Amen! And yes, it is truly a blessed fellowship to be carried by God and be in sweet communion with Him all day, everyday. Thanks so much for sharing, Bettie. Blessings to you.

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    1. Dear Boma,
      I am so very thankful for that fellowship! His communion is the very life-blood of our days isn’t it? I am glad that He has brought you into that sweet union dear sister-in-Christ! Blessings to you this week also!


  7. Your post made me think of this song I have sung for years, Jesus Be Lord Of My Life…

    Jesus, Jesus be Lord of my life

    Make me and break me till all of self I have denied

    That all may see You Lord living in me

    Every where I go and through out eternity


    Pour Your love out on me I have none of my own

    Rid me of my self desires

    Lord take me from my throne

    Live in me, let me walk with Thee on my journey home

    Jesus be Lord of my life

    Jesus, Jesus be Lord of my life

    Let me lose that I might gain, Lord keep me crucified

    Take my hand, Lord let me stand in Thy faith alone

    Until I see You face to face in my new home

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    1. Oh, how precious that He does give us those songs in our hearts to remind us of His dear presence! He is Lord, and He wants to help us empty ourselves of so much pride and self! It is there where He can bring so much more of Himself to us! Blessings to you!


  8. Oh Bettie, that poem, the lessons God has taught you, and the song all touch my heart and stir up those deep longings. I pray your husband’s surgery will go well and that God will give you both strength. I find health limitations even harder when we can’t do for our loved ones what our hearts long to. May Jesus “carry you into the very centre where He dwells in you” and “give you the strength of His own heart.” Love and hugs to you!

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    1. Dear Trudy,
      Thank you so much for your prayers and support! The Lord keeps reminding me of the beautiful post and song that you shared that was such a comfort to me before my husband’s hand surgeries last winter! He does find a way to meet us and stir up deeper longings, doesn’t He? And then He takes us down a path that will uncover His own heart for us right there. I am so grateful that He has allowed us to share thoughts and prayers over these digital connections, my friend! You are such a blessing. May He bless you and give you such grace and love this week!

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  9. This is so beautiful, Bettie! You never cease to amaze me in how you draw your words from old journals, photos or poetry. You have lived a very rich life. You share the significance of prayer and how your heart is opening to compassion and to the love of the Lord. I love knowing more about your journey. I am praying for you as you try to be there for your husband and his upcoming surgery. Sometimes we live in a place of in between that doesn’t seem possible for it all to work out. But with God, you will make it through.

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    1. Dear Mary, Oh your words are such an encouragement to me. At one time I had 5 different journals going at once, and yet I was so reluctant to share my own stories. God knew what was ahead for me though, and in this season when It’s difficult for me to hand-write in a journal for very long, He is having me look back through the treasures that He buried for me ahead of time. What He had me write so many years ago, has become layers of truth from His Word that He is unraveling now. We just never know how He will pull together the weavings of our lives, do we? We are so weak, but you are so right, those in-between places that feel like such shaky ground, are the very places where He is working it all together for His good! Thank you so much for your beautiful encouragement and prayers.

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    1. Dear Lynn,
      Oh I am so thankful to know that you are joining along in praying! Our God is so full of grace toward us, isn’t He? What a blessing He pours over us. I appreciate your prayers for my husband’s upcoming surgery also! it means so much to know that we are being supported by those prayers to HIM!


  10. His strength is surely made perfect in our weakness…it shines through so beautifully when we need it most! I am praying for you faithfully, dear friend. Believing God to bring your husband through his surgery and to give you the added strength you will need. Sending much love and many hugs to you!

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    1. Dear Cheryl,
      I am so very thankful for your faithful prayers! What a blessing your friendship and support is. In these places of weakness–you are right–He does shine so beautifully right when we need Him the most! It just astounds me still, the way that the Lord draws us together, and joins hearts in prayer, through these digital homes. I would never have guessed the huge blessing of prayer support this place of blogging has become. May you be blessed by those who are praying for you and your family tonight also, dear friend! Love and hugs to you!

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  11. Dear Bettie, it never ceases to amaze me how God speaks to you through poetry, songs and words you have penned in times past. They come back to you as gold and as beautiful soul fruit. Just as they come to us who receive your heart yearnings, deep devotions and beautiful prayers. And we see how wonderfully they are equipping you now with the ability to surrender and be at peace in the process. It makes me wish I had persevered more with journaling over the years. Letting go and letting God has never looked a more attractive practice than when viewed through your eyes! I am in awe at all our precious Lord is doing in and through you, my friend. May you rest assured in the safety of His love and the promise of our prayers as you entrust the challenging days ahead to His all-sufficiency, mercy and grace. Blessings, love and hugs! xoxo ❤

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    1. Dear Joy,
      Oh dear friend, you are such a blessing to me, as you speak such precious words of encouragement and support and prayers! And this, about my old journals: “They come back to you as gold and as beautiful soul fruit” brought tears to my eyes. God has been showing me that very thing–HE is the one who has provided for what I need now (when I am not able to journal in the same way) by setting out so many words from before. There were times when I thought I was a little crazy, penning page after page of teeny-tiny notes & thoughts! But God was in the process then, just as He is in the process now. He does know how to bring us to that place of “letting go and letting God” doesn’t He? Oh, may we learn to trust Him more, in these days of uncertainty and weakness. May you find His strength pouring into you also, my friend! Blessings, love and hugs to you! xoxo

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    1. Dear Lisa,
      Thank you so much for your beautiful love and prayers! I am so glad that God has allowed us to share portions of our stories with each other. What an amazing Lord we have–He has been so faithful through it all! I am praying for you with all of your upcoming commitments, and trusting God to give you all that you need, and strength to keep sharing! Love & Hugs!


  12. Bettie,
    I’m so sorry to hear that your husband has to have surgery! And I hope you will soon be able to iron out your medication challenges, too. I’ve often seen snippets of Madame Guyon’s writing and have thought about reading more about her so I’m glad you mentioned her here. Sometimes it’s so good read our old journals and notes to see how God has carried us in the past and know that he will do it again in the future. I’ve heard that it was a Jewish tradition to walk backward into your future by looking to the past and seeing God’s hand in our lives so we’ll walk ahead with joy and peace, knowing God will take care of us. Praying that for you today! xoxo

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    1. Dear Valerie,
      Thank you so much for your prayers and support through all of these challenges! I so appreciate your encouragement! And oh, I hope that you are able to find some of Madame Guyon’s books. They have such sweet nuggets of truth from the Lord contained within them! Did you know that she corresponded with Fenelon? God brought together weavings of communication those many years ago also! And, I love that Jewish tradition (although I think that I would probably be a little too clumsy to handle it well. Ha.) What a sweet way to approach our future! He has been so faithful to us, and He will be so trustworthy still! Hugs & Love to you! xoxo


  13. I remember reading a little in one of her books many years ago. I may need to go find it since you have whetted my appetite to read more. I was thinking of you yesterday and I prayed for you and your husband.

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    1. Dear Donna,
      Oh thank you for your prayers! It means so very much to me to know that God put us on your heart! I do hope you are able to read some more of Madame Guyon’s writing–I had just mentioned to Valerie (above) that she had an ongoing communication with Fenelon also. Sometimes we need to hear the words of those who have gone before us in the faith journey! Blessings to you this week!


  14. What a beautiful poem. I’ve never heard it or of the books before.(Or the song!) Thank you for sharing, Bettie. I’m so sorry you’re without your medications. 😦 I’ll be praying for you and also for your hubby’s knee surgery. (I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before, so please forgive me if I have, but in my Young Living group, I’ve heard some have found some relief with RA. Just thought I’d mention it, in case it’s something you’d want to look into. You have my email, so if you’d like me to inquire with others about it, just let me know!) xoxo

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    1. Dear Brenda,
      Thank you so much for your prayers for myself and my husband! And, thanks for your mentions about essential oils. Yes, my daughter helps me so much with them, as she has become an advocate for Doterra. I am indeed thankful for the relief they bring to me. Not a cure, but every bit of relief is such a gift! Blessings and hugs to you!!


  15. I guess I am in an odd place to learn about strength! I feel weak in several areas. I guess we do find His strength in our own weakness. We learn how to lean on Him in the weak life moments. What a blessing they end up being! Though I don’t particularly love going through them!

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    1. Dear Amy,
      Oh yes, what a blessing those weak life moments end up being when we learn how to lean on Him right then. I am so thankful that we can pray for each other, as we find ourselves in those places of weakness. May you know His blessings and closeness this week!


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