Advent Blessings

I have been so very blessed by all of the prayers, Scriptures, songs, and words of encouragement that have been shared with me this last week.

God overwhelmed me in the middle of hard places.

Jesus met me with Spirit-led gifts, and they were perfect examples of what Advent is really all about.





As I thought and prayed over this post, my energy lagging again, God reminded me of the abundance of poems that He gifted last year at this time.  May the words bring sweetness to your heart also, as He asked me to re-post some of those poems that were shared for #HolyHaiku last year with Susan Shipe at HopeHeartHome.


Have I opened my heart to receive the gifts God gives?

Have I opened my eyes to see the face of Jesus in those who have blessed me?

Have I allowed HIM room to be born afresh in my heart?





The story of His coming points to a way that is laden with “Yes, Lord, let it be so unto me.”


Messenger: Greetings! You are favored, and the Lord is with you! [Among all women on the earth, you have been blessed.][c]

29 The heavenly messenger’s words baffled Mary, and she wondered what type of greeting this was.

Messenger:30 Mary, don’t be afraid. You have found favor with God. 31 Listen, you are going to become pregnant. You will have a son, and you must name Him “Savior,” or Jesus.[d] 32 Jesus will become the greatest among men. He will be known as the Son of the Highest God. God will give Him the throne of His ancestor David, 33 and He will reign over the covenant family of Jacob forever.

Mary:34 But I have never been with a man. How can this be possible?

Messenger:35 The Holy Spirit will come upon you. The Most High will overshadow you. That’s why this holy child will be known, as not just your son, but also as the Son of God. 36 It sounds impossible, but listen—you know your relative Elizabeth has been unable to bear children and is now far too old to be a mother. Yet she has become pregnant, as God willed it. Yes, in three months, she will have a son. 37 So the impossible is possible with God.

Mary(deciding in her heart):38 Here I am, the Lord’s humble servant. As you have said, let it be done to me.

Luke 1:28-38 (The VOICE Translation)


Am I making way for the YES, LORD in my heart?

Am I writing words that point to HIS YES?

Am I giving room for the YES to be heard in those around me?



Mary gave her yes

And now the washing snow white

Is gifted to all.


In my thankfulness for all who have prayed for me, I would be so blessed to pray for you in this Advent Season:


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank You for sending to us Your own dearly loved Son. Thank You for giving to us Your YES that would open the way to be with You. Would You shower Your love upon my friends today? Would You let them see the value and worth they carry because of the love You bore for them? Lord Jesus, I ask that You would call to each of my friends today, and show them how near You have come, how close You want to dwell with them. Thank You, our Emmanuel, for being born anew this day in us.

In the Name above all others we pray,




Truly, I thank every one who prayed for me these past few weeks. The Lord’s grace has carried me and brought a measure of relief to a pain that was unbearable. Praise God for His faithfulness!


I look forward to joining you here again after the Holidays. I pray that you and your family have a Beautiful Christmas!





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43 thoughts on “Advent Blessings

    1. Dear Wendi,
      Thank you so much for your prayers today! What a gift we have been given from the Lord–to share a journey not of our own choosing, and yet led by HIM, as He connects our paths along the way! Blessings to you today, Dear Sister!

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    1. Yes, Mary’s willingness is so inspiring. I have been so blessed by your Waiting for Christmas series, as you have explored the back story to THE Story. Thanks for your visit here, and thank you for your sweet words and encouragement!


  1. Oh sister, thank you for such a prayer. His timing is perfect. As I read your post with my cookies, I knew it was time for me to go be with Him. I have a long list to do but I need Him today. Thank you and God bless you Bettie. And a merry, merry Christmas dear sister🎄⭐

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    1. Dear Julie,
      Oh I am so very thankful that we can pray for each other through these days. He knows how to call us closer to Himself, doesn’t He? He is so faithful to us. May He bless you, and help you to find your long list coming together all the more smoothly because of the time He gave you to be with Him! Merry and Blessed Christmas to you! xo

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    1. Dear Ruth,
      Oh, yes what a blessing that He meets me here in the middle of hard times and brings relief! He is so good to bring those gifts of encouragement, isn’t He? Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  2. Oh, I’m so glad God has given you a measure of relief from the pain, Bettie. How weary you must feel sometimes! I love this post and all the questions to ask ourselves. I’ve been trying to ask myself more searching questions, too. And to open my heart more to surrendering my all to Him and His plan. I want to say YES with all my heart, not just in my head… Thank you for all this encouragement and your heartfelt prayer! Blessings, love, and hugs to you!

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    1. Dear Trudy,
      Yes, I am so very grateful for God’s blessing of relief that He brings. He does continue to carry me through the weariness! Those questions that come from Him, feel so weighty some days, don’t they? But I am so grateful that when He asks, He knows how to fulfill the answer within me from His own dear grace. Thank you for your comments here, you are such an encouragement to me also! Blessings,love and hugs to you this Christmas, Dear Friend! xo

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  3. Dear Bettie, what a beautiful post! Let it be so unto me. Have I opened my heart for all that the Lord is asking of me? I can tell you I need prayer in this, for I have not. Lord, help me yield to You, for You are God and You are good. This touched my heart deeply, Bettie. I am praying for continued relief from the pain, as it hurts to even imagine. May the Lord sustain you in every breath, every moment. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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    1. Dear Melissa,
      Oh thank you so much for your continued prayer and encouragement. He does carry me thru the pain and weariness. I don’t know how, but somehow He steps in, and keeps me walking forward. And those surrenders that feel so deep and hidden become His light on my path too. I am so glad, because I know that I have so much farther to go, and so many nooks & crannies where He is shining light on dark & hard places. Thank you for your sweet and encouraging comments here, Melissa. I am so glad we can pray for each other to let Jesus shine His light and take our yielding further with Him. He is so good! Merry and Blessed Christmas to you and our family!

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  4. Dear Bettie,
    I know how you have struggled recently, and I have seen how you run to Jesus and find mercy, grace and peace. Then you turn around and share it with all of us pointing us back to Him. I am so blessed by your words and your prayers, sweet sister. May God bless you richly! Hugs and much love to you! xoxo

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    1. Dear Gayl,
      You are such an encouragement to me on those heavy and dark days! I am so grateful that He knows how to bring just the right word or song that will point us back to Him, and shower us with the mercy that lifts our hearts again. I pray that He is bringing that same mercy to you as you love your family, and care for them so beautifully. Your words and poems and art are such an inspiration! Blessings and Love to you this Advent Season, Dear Sister! xoxo

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  5. For days Holy Spirit has been prompting me to come over to your house and finally today I am here because we are parked together at Mary G’s linkup and right there you have my name and link in your post. You are a dear. Wasn’t holy haiku fun? I had no idea you have been having hard days – why didn’t I know that? I pray it’s not because I wasn’t paying attention, if THAT is the case forgive me – you are one of my dearest online friends. xo

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    1. Oh Dear Susan, I thank you so much for your love and caring! Because of the weariness and pain of my hands these past weeks, I haven’t been able to link up my posts (just getting them out was a gift!) as often as I would have liked. And FB has been on my pared down list. So, no, you would not have seen my posts on our 31DaysSurvivorGroup, because I hadn’t linked there! I hope to get back there after this break for the Holidays. I have popped in to read and pray as able though! I am so glad God reminded me of last year’s blessings with #HolyHaiku. What a gift again!! Love and hugs to you Dear Friend! xoxo


    1. Thank you so much Lesley! Yes, aren’t those songs such sweet blessings? God is so good to lift our hearts to Him, and to His Glory! May you have a Happy and Blessed Christmas also!


    1. Dear Mary,
      Thank you so much for your prayers! I appreciate your love and support so much, Dear Sister. I pray that you will have a Blessed Merry Christmas with your family. Love and hugs to you!


  6. Oh what soul searching questions, beautiful holy haiku, superb songs and deep reflective thoughts you have shared with us, Bettie! They mean all the more coming from your sweet surrendered soul as you battle with such weariness and pain. Because you know all too well the hard challenges we face when our circumstances seem to conspire against us.
    Yet we see Jesus in your words. God’s grace infiltrates every sentence and leaves a lasting fragrance of His presence. Dear friend, you have been blessing your readers and pouring yourself out in His service for months and need this well deserved rest break. May it truly be a time of joy and healing, of deeper rest and peace in every way. Much love, blessings and hugs to you! xoxo 💜

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    1. Dear Joy,
      I am so very, very thankful for your love and friendship. You are such a blessing, especially as you understand so well the weariness that comes with pain and limitations. It is a miracle to me that God brings forth such help for us! When I look back over these last few months, I can honestly say that, yes, it has only been His strength that carried me. And I know you can say the same thing, as you too look back. But I am longing for that joy, healing, rest, and peace you prayed for. They are all gifts that I know Jesus wants to give to us–fruit from HIS hand. I pray those same requests for you, my Dear Friend. And, a Blessed, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hugs and Love! xoxo

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    1. Dear Cheryl,
      Oh I am thinking of you this Christmas season also, sweet friend! I appreciate your prayers and love so very much. I am so grateful that we can pray for each other, across the miles! May He bless you and your family with great love!


  7. Impossible is possible with God- its my personal inspiration.Really glad to read the poem since its a gifts returned to Him.
    Thank you Bettie

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    1. Oh Athira, Yes! Impossible is possible with God! Thank you for reading and commenting here, I needed to be reminded of God’s great gifts for us today! Blessings to you Dear Sister!


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