Sufficient in Christ

God’s ways and timings are so far above ours. I was so thankful to share words with Chronic-Joy Ministries at the end of last year. I was not sure of the exact date when they would post my article, but God knew when I would need to listen again to the very words that He had given me to share. For you see today I must return to my Rheumatologist and admit that one more medication has failed. Where I would feel the sting of rejection in that, Christ has won true sufficiency for me in these very moments.  He gave me these thoughts a few months ago, knowing that I too would need to hear them today:




My #Oneword for this year of #Sufficient should have felt like a blessing, but instead I was left feeling that somehow I must not be enough on my own. I felt a yoke of shame when I thought about all of the tasks and labels that used to be part of my make-up.  I missed the days of working up a sweat in the garden, and I missed the days of re-decorating my home. Even more, I missed the days of serving and caring for so many different people. Yet when I heard God whisper His Word for me, I knew He was calling me higher, away from my old view of myself.

I knew that HE had bought my salvation at the cross. I knew that HE was the one to work in the hearts of my loved ones.  But physically? Well, I did not realize how much of my working had been done in my own strength, until that strength was cut in half, and then in half again, and then I stopped measuring the cuts.

When my Rheumatoid Arthritis medication stopped being effective, and I began the long hunt for one that would work, I thought it might take a few months. I could not have seen that the search would lead me through failure after failure, and through side effects that would leave me reeling. I certainly would not have expected that over a year and a half later I would still be waiting for the right medication that my body could tolerate. But I also did not anticipate the true sufficiency that I would experience.

Have you ever felt the arms of someone stronger carrying you through the storm?

In the midst of the year of medication failures, another storm raged around me: my husband had total knee replacement surgery when a 40-year-old injury finally called out for relief. His recovery process brought a pain that was deeper than he had expected it would go.  One night in agony, he cried out for me to help, and I could only offer what I had been given: the arms that carried me would stretch to carry him also.

And those arms never let go of us.

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17 thoughts on “Sufficient in Christ

    1. Oh Melissa, your encouragement means so much to me. I am so grateful that God let our paths cross, and that He brings His grace to us as we share. Blessings to you today, and love & hugs!

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  1. Wow! What a beautiful and powerful message! I love how you said, “the arms that carried me, would stretch to carry him also.” Sometimes, we have to let God be God, and do what He does best. It’s hard, especially when we WANT to help! But He is sufficient. May He become ever more so in your life, as you journey with Him this year!

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    1. Oh, yes, it is so hard to let go when we so deeply want to help! But you are so right that it is so much better to let God do what HE does best! Thank you for your kind thoughts here today. May the Lord bring you blessings in this New Year also!


    1. Dear Wendi,
      Your sweet words and prayers are such a gift to me too! Thank you for the understanding that you share also, on this path of chronic illness. You are in my prayers too! Blessings to you today.

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  2. I’m so sorry for yet another disappointment with meds, Bettie. My eyes pooled with tears as I read this, especially your poem. Yes, those Arms of Grace have so often upheld me, too. I marvel at the witness of God’s all-sufficient grace in you. You have encouraged me yet again. I pray you may get relief from all the pain! Love and blessings to you!

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    1. Dear Trudy, Oh your kind and caring heart brings tears to my eyes too! I am so very thankful that the Lord allows us to share His encouragement with each other–it’s such a gift! My Doctor had some new ideas at the appointment today, thinking “outside of the box” with some milder meds. I feel God’s protection covering me now so sweetly. May He wrap us both in that covering, and keep you blessed and safe this year too. Love and hugs to you, Dear Friend! xoxo

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  3. Dear Bettie, I have left a fuller comment on the Chronic Joy Ministries’ site, but I wanted to say how awe-inspiring this is. You may have been unwell with chronic illness for less years than I have but you have been far quicker to surrender your weakness to God, inspire others with your testimony and learn the treasured lessons only found in life’s hard, dark and painful places. Thank you for being you! You are such a precious soul and a lovely companion and friend. Love and hugs! xoxo ❤

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    1. And I am so very thankful for your deep love and example for me, Joy. The Lord has blessed me with the truth that you have shared from within your own walk through suffering and pain. He brought your words to me at just the right time, when I thought there was no way to be able to share what was really happening in my deepest of hearts! Your word of “deeper” for this New Year feels like such a natural expression for what He has worked in you. I am so grateful that He has allowed me to share in that beauty. You are such a beautiful friend to me! Much love and hugs! xoxo

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  4. Beautiful, beautiful words. Your experiences have yielded much peaceable fruit of righteousness, and Jesus’ love shines so sweetly through you, sweet friend. Many blessings to you.

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    1. Dear Cheryl,
      His fruit is such a gift that overwhelms me when I pause and realize how much He has given. Truly He does walk with us through every trial. I am so grateful for your sweet and caring heart my Dear Friend! Blessings and Love to you!


  5. I am so sorry to hear about another med not working; breaks my heart for you 😦 I am praying your rheumatalogist will come up with something soon that will work for you to relieve your pain! And blessings to your husband on his recovery from his knee surgery too. I’m praying for his quick and complete recovery!

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    1. I appreciate your prayers so much! My Doctor has said that he’s going to think “outside the box” now, and try some different kinds of meds. I believe that is God’s wisdom helping there! And I appreciate all of the prayers for my husband’s recovery too. It is a continual learning process! Step by step. Blessings and love to you!

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      1. Living in/with pain is horrible; I KNOW! I pray your doc finds something to help… My heart breaks for all you’ve been through yet you remain positve and trusting. YOU inspire ME to be a better person ❤

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        1. Thank you for your sweet and understanding heart. YOU inspire me also! Watching you with your beloved Jack always brings such a joy to my days. I am so thankful for the ways that God brings us just what we need to keep looking up!

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