Filling with His Holy Hope


In this place of waiting,

In these days of God’s own leading,

In this season when pain tries to direct,

My Lord has asked me to look up,

and to remember.



Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. Psalm 81:10


The Lord asked me to take a brave step this week, and sing for you the song He gave me many years ago. It was a private gift, given for my own hurting heart. But maybe your hurting heart feels too lonely and raw to think about a song of your own. Could you pause and let Him sing His words, gathered from His Scriptures, for you now?



“Open wide your mouth and I will fill it,

Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

Seek and you will find,

Knock and the door will be opened unto you.

Never stop praying,

Never stop praying,

And I will come to you.


Ask for wisdom

Ask for mercy

Ask for the riches of My grace,

And I will come to you.”


This Spirit Song was given to me during a time of prayer and Scripture reading in the spring of 2000.  The days were long and lonely walking through a deep soul surrender and breaking of relationship.  I had obeyed God, but the relationship still ended, and bitter soul pain brought a darkness to my days.  Into the midst of that very darkness, God sent His Holy Spirit to write these words of hope into my soul.


But the Comforter (Counselor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby), the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name [in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], He will teach you all things. And He will cause you to recall (will remind you of, bring to your remembrance) everything I have told you. John 14:26 Amplified Version


He brought me back to these intimate words of hope last month, on the day before my last RA infusion, when this time it would be my body that was plunged into an overwhelming darkness.  I had asked for enough strength and time to make an art journal page that night, not knowing how the next few days might look. I wasn’t expecting this word of hope, but He knew the Scriptures that my heart would need to cling to.


Oh, Beloved, God’s timing is not like ours.  No, HIS timing is perfect. He knows when the hope within us is almost ready to die, and He calls us to live again in Him!


Are you in a place of bitter pain? Perhaps He would sing to you through the words of His Scripture. Could you pause once again before Him now, and let Him give voice to the Words that He is planting in your own heart today?


Dear Father of our hearts,

Thank You for the Living Hope that You have granted to us through Your son, Jesus Christ, who died and rose again so that we could have new life. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for sending us Your Holy Spirit to be the Comforter that You knew we would need. Would You help us to pause and listen to Him now? You see our hearts, and the pain that threatens to swallow us whole some days. You see the burdens that have tried to crush our spirits. We ask You to help us hear Your own voice singing over us now. We long to be filled with the gift of YOUR new life within us again. Wash away our heaviness, and lift us up to Heavenly places with You.

In the sweet name of Jesus we pray,



If a song, or even just a phrase of a tune is born, I would love to hear how He spoke to you. We can be brave together in HIM, as my friend Mary Geisen wrote about in her book,  Brave Faith, a 31 Day Devotional Journey. Jesus asks us to share the gifts He has given to us, because they were never meant to be hoarded. He has a gift of sharing for each of one of us to enjoy, for each one of us to pass along.






And if you are longing for a fresh infusion of hope-filled words, then check out my dear friend Joy Lenton’s new book Embracing Hope, offered now at Amazon.  Joy writes online at both Poetry Joy and Words of Joy. You can find my review of her precious words of #Devotion and #Poetry by clicking here.






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28 thoughts on “Filling with His Holy Hope

  1. Yeah Bettie..There is a perfect time for everything..Your wordings encouraged me today since I was not in a good mood due to certain situations but He reminds me that its all known by Him …its all happened and happening according to His definite plans…so we have to just wait patiently for everything and follow Him with a thankful heart.He knews what we are passing through…and He knews our heart more than us..

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    1. Oh Athira, I am so sorry for the hard situations you are going through now. But I am so thankful that Jesus spoke to you today. He truly is so close to us, and is making a way when we cannot see how. How precious He is to know “our heart more than us.” He is so glorious. Love and Prayers for you today, my Dear Friend!

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  2. May the Lord strengthen you during these times and may you continue to experience more of His grace and faithfulness. Pain and suffering should drive us to the arms of the Lord, I have found that most times, we drives us away. If only we knew to hold on, there is a Light at the end of the tunnel

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    1. Oh amen, He will bring us His light at the end of the tunnel, as we press further into Him, clinging to His hand that is holding us. I appreciate your blessing and prayer so much. Blessings to you this Easter week also!

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    1. Oh Melissa, thank you for your sweet encouragement. I am so glad that the Lord calls us to hold onto Him, and to keep praying! Blessings, love, and hugs to you this Easter Week my dear friend!

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  3. Dear Sister, your angelic voice singing His gifted Spirit song is beautiful Ir ministered to me in ways I am unsure of yet. Praying now He lift your soul, ever so gently, to meet Him. He is so near to you, Bettie. I hear Him. Love, Julie

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    1. Dear Julie,
      Thank you so much for your sweet encouragement today. It was a brave step for me to share something so personal, and yet HIS love is what I want to share, so how could I keep it hidden away? I appreciate your prayer today so much, and I am praying for you as well. May He draw you ever deeper into His heart. Blessings, love and hugs to you this Easter week, especially as you prepare to share your heart too.

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        1. Oh Amen! He knows we need HIS bravery, and is so ready to help us, even in our trembling weakness. I need His strength so much. And I know that you understand that so well, even as you prepare this week. May He lead you with each word and thought. Love & Hugs, xoxo


    1. Dear Susan,
      You are such an encouragement and a blessing! I appreciate your beautiful prayer more than you could know–that Aaronic blessing holds such deep meaning for me, as we were part of a Messianic Congregation for a while. May He bless you this Resurrection Week also my Dear Friend! xoxo


  4. Dear, sweet Bettie, Thank you for being brave to share your song. What a beautiful reminder to never stop praying but wait and God will fill our hearts with what we need! Your voice is so soothing and peace inducing. Thank you so much. Love and hugs and blessings to you my dear sister/poet/friend! xoxo

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    1. Dear Gayl,
      Thank you for all of the many ways that you bring encouragement to my heart, and keep pointing me to Jesus. I am so very grateful that He has allowed our paths to linger together for a while on this journey. Our prayers are so precious when we can share them with each other! May He bless you so much this Resurrection Week, and bring you great joy with your family! Love and hugs to you too my dear sister/poet/friend! xoxo

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  5. Oh Bettie, what riches God has given you, because you have loved Him through these deep, deep valleys. This song is a treasure from heaven. Thank you for sharing and your voice adds an angelic sweetness. May He continue to bless and hold you, so that you may share His love to those who hurt and need the words only you offer. Blessings and love and hugs, Melissa

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    1. Dear Melissa,
      Oh, He truly does give us such riches in those “deep, deep valleys” when we allow Him to open our eyes right there. I am continuing to hold those words you encouraged me with, so close to my heart also, and pray for HIs thoughts to come to fullness about those gardens of the Lord. It is so amazing to me the ways that His Spirit weaves our hearts together, and brings such a sweet witness from Him, so that we can lift our eyes back up to Him. I pray that I will let Him keep drawing me deeper into His heart of compassion. Blessings, love, and hugs to you this Easter Week!

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    1. Dear Wendy,
      Thank you for always sharing from your heart. You are such an encouragement to me, as I read your poetry, and the Lord draws me into His Word. I am so very glad for the confirmation that He sent today, through your own post, to keep crying out. He does call us to a moment by moment life of prayer. Blessings & hugs to you too, this Easter Week!

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  6. So beautiful. Hearing your voice was wonderful. This is what I remember when asked to preach. I wait for His guidance, and God has never failed to give me a word for His people. He will surely come! Thanks, Bettie. To God be the glory.

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    1. Dear Regina,
      I am so thankful that you understand that precious gift from the Lord when He does fill us with His Word. I pray that I would keep my heart more open to let Him bring those Words at just the right moments when He knows we need them! Blessings to you this Easter Week, my friend!

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  7. Oh, sweet friend! Your beautiful voice singing those precious, anointed words was such a blessing to me tonight. Thank you so much for bravely sharing this. It lifted me more than I can say. We received some sad news today, and I have cried until I feel like I have no more tears. I am so glad I came here to visit you. I do trust you are feeling relief by now. I am continuing to pray for you, dear sister. God bless you abundantly.

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    1. Dear Cheryl,
      Oh I am so sorry for the sad news! But I am so thankful that the Lord blessed you with His presence at such a hard time! I am continuing to keep you in my prayers, dear friend. May you feel the arms of Jesus holding you and singing His love over you tonight. And thank you so much for your prayers also. Yes, most of the side effects have lifted, but I still have some that are lingering, so I am leaning hard into Jesus too. May He bless you and your sweet family over this Resurrection Weekend. Love and hugs to you!


    1. Thank you Lynn, for your kind comments. He does sing over us, doesn’t He? And you are so right, that there is a peace and rest that comes to our hearts and our souls as we sing, and especially as we join Him in singing His songs! Blessings and love to you also on this Easter weekend!


  8. Bettie, that was beautiful!
    The words that keep coming to me this Easter Sunday of new life are;
    Blessed is the Lord,
    Blessed is His name,
    For all glory, devotion & honor are His,
    His alone!

    We may seem in pain,
    But the glory to come will put pain to shame,
    In the light of His glory & grace,
    When we see His face,
    In all His glory & grace.

    He has Risen,
    Bless you,

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    1. Dear Jennifer,
      Oh thank you so much for sharing the precious song the Lord gifted to you! Truly His glory will outshine every bit of pain and shame that we have felt. When we see HIS face, that will bring the praise from our hearts even deeper! What precious thoughts on the eve of Resurrection Sunday, Dear Friend. May I bless His name and give Him all the praise and glory today. Blessings and love to you!

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