Praying: Fear Turned To Trust

We hear so many words telling us to just “trust God more.”  But is it really that easy? When the foundations of our lives have spun off-kilter, what then? How can trust be considered from a place of such upset?

The Cambridge-English Dictionary gives us the definition for the word “trust” as:

“to believe that someone is good and honest and will not harm you, or that something is safe and reliable”

Cambridge English Dictionary

Ah-ha. There is the real crux of the matter. Our trust is based upon the ONE we have been asked to trust. When that object of trust is the God of the Universe, how can we believe that He is good and honest and reliable? We can find the answers in His Scripture. He has given us His Word to show us how faithful he is.

The fear that paralyzes us can be turned to trust, when we meet the One who is utterly trustworthy. Our prayers can become the very places where our fearing is transformed into trusting.

Will you join us today, as we give those fears over to Him?

Psalm 75:3


Would you join us together in prayer?

Dear Lord God,

We are astounded that Your Word meets us in our everyday places. Thank You for leading us in Your Scriptures this week,

“When the earth and all its people quake, it is I who hold its pillars firm.” Psalm 75:3

Even as the earth around us seems to be quaking more every day, we have felt our own hearts shaking in fear. A diagnosis shatters our calm. A burden seems to break open upon our shoulders. A new pain etches a crevice into our lives. Oh, but thank You Lord, for the assurance that You speak over us now. You hold the pillars of this earth, and You will hold the foundations of our lives as well. Will You wrap your arms around our shaking hearts? Help us to rest in Your mighty strength this day.

We praise You our Lord Jesus,


Today, I invite you to join me over at the Chronic Joy Website again, where we are sharing this month’s Prayer Prompt of four prayers, one for each week of the month. I’ve chosen the third prayer to share here. Are you feeling the shaking that this earth is trembling through? I am approaching new possibilities for treatment again this week, as I await word from my Rheumatologist about the lifting of restrictions over my infusions. While I might feel trepidation and fear about the unknown, God is not taken by surprise. He would invite us to rest for a few moments in His Word together and lift our prayers to Him.

Click here to join me as I pause with God’s Word. He is delighted to listen to us.

And, please click here to join us as we pray for each request at the #PrayerPond.

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26 thoughts on “Praying: Fear Turned To Trust

  1. You are right, Bettie, we trust and surrender all our fears to the Triune GOD because He is “utterly trustworthy” and unchanging GOD. We can rely on His spiritual nurture and care. He provides us with the air that we breathe, for one. Having these in mind, we grow in faith/trust, hope, and love in the GOD in three persons.

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    1. Amen! Thank you for the truth and beauty of all of the Scripture Images that you share. They point us so beautifully to our unchanging God! He is so very faithful and good to us through every bit of our journey. Blessings to you!

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        1. Oh, thank you for remembering, dear friend! It may be a while, as it requires some editing. But I am trusting God even with that process. I appreciate your prayers so much!

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  2. Good morning dear Bettie, oh how we are connected through Him, writing about trust this week. Prayers #1 and #3 spoke to me. It is humbling to remember how we have the entire Bible at our fingertips yet we still need to rely upon Him to help us each day. When uncertainty shakes us in the powerful way you described in prayer #3, it is tempting to question Him. Our hearts are frail and weak. Thank You Jesus for helping us learn and lean into you. Thank you Jesus for laying such prayers on Bettie’s heart to share with us in our frailty, God. For if not a physical ailment, we all have something broken in our souls. Bettie, praying for you today. Did I read that right that there will be yet another new medicine coming?

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    1. Dear Julie,
      Oh, praise God for the precious working of His Spirit in our lives. We truly do need His daily help every moment! There are just some days that we don’t realize it, and rush past it. I am so thankful that He finds ways to slow me down, even when it is uncomfortable. He is so good to help me to lean and trust Him right there. Thank you so much for your prayers, dear sister. Yes, I am still waiting to start my RA infusions. We only tried once and then had to stop because of the Covid problems. And, my pain mgmt Dr. is wanting to try another procedure. I have an MRI scheduled for May 15 now, to begin that process. But I am not sure how or when all of this will fit together. So I am praying for that trust to settle in my own soul more too. Love and Blessings o you!

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  3. OH Bettie, thank you so very much for sharing this prayer with us and allowing me to join in with others for this prayer……….it provided a sesnse of calm that was welcoming and refreshing. God bless you.

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    1. Dear Wendi,
      Oh, I am so very thankful that Jesus met you with His peace and refreshing here. He is so good to us to join us together in praying and thanking together! I am so very grateful for all of your prayers, dear sister. May you be blessed this day!

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  4. Oh what beautiful, heartwarming prayers! I especially love #3 and #4 and these words meet me powerfully with the hope they convey: ” We lift our broken places to You, and we lift our broken prayers to You. Wash over the dark places with Your holy light and love. Stir up the hope that comes from Your Spirit.” Bless you, dear Bettie, for your prayerful faithfulness and trust. It helps stir our own as we know it’s in the One we can trust above all others. Let us praise and celebrate the sustaining strength of our God who keeps the pillars of our lives firm even if we wobble in our trust and faith, and sometimes allow fear to gain the upper-hand. May He uphold you in the testing days ahead, my friend, as you await a new infusion to commence. Much love, hugs and prayers. xoxo

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    1. Dear Joy,
      Oh, I am so grateful that the Lord met you in these prayers here. But I should not be surprised, as it seems like the Lord keeps weaving our paths together, and speaking such similar things to our hearts. He really does keep calling us both to trust, even when it feels like our own trust and faith wobbles, and yes, we sometimes allow fear to gain the upper-hand. I am so glad He is so gently persistent with us! Thank you for all of your prayers my dear heart-sister. May the Lord hold you in His hands as well. Love, and hugs, and blessings! xoxo

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      1. Indeed He does, Bettie! I’m also truly thankful for God’s gentle persistence with us. He never gives up on us and all we will become by His grace and love. Today I sensed being held by Him closer than before. God is faithful to answer prayer and to draw close to us especially when we are hurting. Love and hugs! xoxo 💜

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        1. Oh, I am so thankful that He was so near to you today, Dear Joy. We need His grace and strength so much. I am clinging to His faithfulness tonight too. Love and hugs to you! xoxo

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  5. Learning to trust can be a long process. I’ve discovered I trust God more with some areas than with others. But I want to trust him with everything.

    Praying you’ll get positive news on new treatment possibilities this week!

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    1. Dear Lisa,
      Oh, I have found the same to be true–it seems so much easier to trust God with some areas than others. May we both let Him help us to grow our trust. And thank you for your prayers! I truly appreciate each one so much. Blessings to you also!


    1. Dear Leslie,
      I am so glad that He is so persistent with us! It seems these days that I need those reminders more than ever. May you be blessed this week!


  6. Thank you so much for this hope-filled encouragement, Bettie. Your post and this prayer especially move me and are so timely as I feel so shaky today. Both inside and out. This part of the prayer gives me a tearful longing – “Will You wrap your arms around our shaking hearts? Help us to rest in Your mighty strength this day.” I pray that the new possibilities will soon take place and be blessed by God to your relief! Love and blessings, dear friend!

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    1. Dear Trudy,
      Oh, I understand that shakiness so well, dear friend. Isn’t He so good to meet us and carry us through these uncertain days? I am so thankful that we can pray for each other and bring encouragement to each other too! Thank you so much for the beautiful e-card you sent me. It was such a blessing to me! I pray that the Lord will bring you such peace and joy tonight my dear sister. Love & hugs to you! xoxo

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  7. Hi Bettie, If it is okay with you, I am going to pray your prayer with my bible study group tonight. So blessed to have you hear, and the prayers you are offering along with the others at Chronic Joy. Thank you for being an instrument of God’s goodness.

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    1. Dear Lynn,
      Yes, please feel free to share these prayers and words anywhere you feel led. They are all gifts from the Lord, and I am so thankful that He is so near to help us right where we are. Blessings and prayers for you and your Bible Study Group tonight!

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