As the Day, So the Strength

“One Day At A Time” by Annie Johnson Flint

“As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”

Deuteronomy 33:25 KJV

As my days during this last week have become heavy-laden with increasing RA flares, I have recognized the call of my Lord. He does send us into places of rest, places where our strength can be filled with Him, places where the moment is enough.

And He has called me into that moment. A moment to rest with HIM.

Sometimes He sends that call into the very midst of our moving, times when it might not make sense for our agendas. While pondering His call, I sent an email to a friend, and I expressed the longing in my heart:

“I long to accept when He first calls, and not malinger at the doorway, wishing for my own way.”

I am not sure how long this pause will be. I hope to be back in this place for November, but God sees the path that is necessary for me. And so I am trusting Him in this waiting once again.

Are you feeling the nudging for a pause, for a time to come away with Him?

I so long to pray with you my dear friends. This world seems to be reeling under a weight of its own pain. Perhaps we all need to find a way to pause and listen for HIS calling.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank You for the ways that You look upon our days. When we feel the weight of the impossibility before us, thank You for being the grace that we need. Thank You for calling us away from the stress, away from the worries, and into Your own peaceful heart. We lift up our pain to You now, and ask You to carry us into Your heart. Will You direct our prayers and our steps with You here? We pray for our loved ones in this world of chaos, and we ask for you to show them Your own dear grace and help. Show us Your salvation, oh Lord. We trust You in this place of waiting.

In Your name we pray,


32 thoughts on “As the Day, So the Strength

  1. Bettie, what a beautiful poem to share by Annie Johnson Flint! Thank you for gracefully calling us to the throne of God to rest in Him. There is so much chaos in our world, as you have noted and so many people in pain, including yourself. But God does call us to pause sometimes, to spend more time resting in His love, reading His word and praying. I know I need more of that. Thank you for your beautiful prayer for us and for our families. May God bring sweet peace and rest to you, my dear sister. Blessings, love and hugs to you! xoxo

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    1. Dear Gayl,
      Isn’t that poem such a comfort? I am so glad that they have reprinted so many of her poems now. It seems like such a perfect time for so many in this world, as you have said. I am so thankful for all of your prayers and encouraging words that you share with me also, dear sister. He surely knew how we would be blessed by the weaving together of our paths. Blessings, love, and hugs to you too! xoxo

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    1. Dear Mandy,
      Oh, yes, I loved so many of his songs in the 80s and 90s. I am grateful for the blessing that God bring as we worship together. Blessings and hugs and love to you dear sister. xoxo


  2. Bettie, this is wonderful. It goes right into my heart. I am in that place of rest now, too, having gone through so much. I know what pain can do. But this week for me I have felt so full of my Lord. It changed on Saturday, in prayer. I pray for you that you continue to have the strength to bear your pain. I know how hard it is. I am so glad to see your post. I do not see things much nowadays, much much love to you Bettie, I. stretch out my hand to you across the water, ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Oh, Lorraine, your words brought tears to my eyes! I am sorry it has taken me several days to respond to you here! The days do become so hard and long, don’t they? But oh how thankful I am that God met you in prayer on Saturday! What a blessing when we feel His comfort with us! I receive your prayers stretched across the water, dear friend! And I stretch out my hand to you across the water too! Love and hugs!


    1. Dear Melissa, what a gift to know that the Lord has met us together here. I am so grateful for the kind words you always share with me too. You have brought tears to my eyes. I am praying for you too! Love and hugs.

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  3. Being faithful to His nudges of a pause is so needed! Your post also reminds of a song we often sang with women who lived in temporary residence as they got on their feet again–One Day at A Time. “One day at a time, sweet Jesus. That’s all I ask of you.”

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    1. Oh Dear Lynn, what precious thoughts you shared here. That song, “One day at a time,” was a favorite of my Father-in-law’s long before he came to know Jesus. But what a sweet gift when he finally met the One he had been singing about. Our cousin sang that song at his funeral, almost 25 years ago. Thank you for stirring this sweet memory for me. It was such a blessing in my heart!

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    1. Dear Tammy,
      Oh I am so grateful that the Lord brought a blessing to you here. He is so gracious to us to let us share in that comfort with each other. Blessings to you, dear friend.


  4. Thank you, dear Bettie, for your reminder – to trust, to rest, to pray – to find strength.
    The song was new to me. I could not hear the words so well, so I searched for the lyrics:
    It’s not in trying But in trusting.
    It’s not in running But in resting.
    Not in wondering But in praying
    That we find the strength of the Lord.

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    1. Dear Lisa,
      Yes, we heard him in at our church back in the early 80s, before the Christian radio stations began to play his music here in the States, during the later 80s and 90s. But I have not forgotten his open heart in sharing through his music. I come back to this song often. Blessings of love and rest for you too, dear sister!


    1. Dear Mary,
      Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet thoughts! I am praying for you during this time too, as I rest! May the Lord bless the launch of your new book! I look forward to reading it!

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    1. Dear Ruth,
      I so appreciate all of your prayers that you have shared with me too! I am thankful that there is no distance in prayer, and God joins us together in Him. I have been so blessed by so many of Larnelle Harris’s songs over the years. Blessings, love, and hugs to you, dear friend!


    1. Dear Shelby,
      Oh, I love you too, dear sister. And your prayers mean so much, especially as I know you understand the call to come away and rest too. May the Lord bless you this season also.


  5. Dear Bettie, I’m so sorry for the recent increase of painful flares. At such times, rest is very much a priority to aid recovery. Oh how I need to receive this message of heeding the call of our Lord! So often it feels like a missing out, a punishment of sorts, if we fail to sense the sweet invitation such a calling is actually offering to us. May you appreciate the precious closeness as God draws near to His hurting daughter, while you rest from your labours and relax into the spacious place of His tender, overseeing love for you. I pray that the moments of abiding rest will be ones you cherish and grow from as you allow yourself to just be held by His grace. Your parting prayer is such a beautiful outpouring of care and compassion for others who also need that holy touch. Thank you for your empathy, sensitivity and encouragement even as you struggle so much yourself. Keep leaning on God as you regain a measure of health and strength to write here again. Sending much love, gentle hugs and prayers to you, my beloved friend. xoxo ❤️

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    1. Dear Joy,
      Oh you are so right, that often it feels like a punishment of sorts to be called away to rest. But I so want to “appreciate the precious closeness as God draws near to His hurting daughter, while *I rest from *my labours and relax into the spacious place of His tender, overseeing love for *me. And I pray that same prayer for you my sweet sister too. What a blessing to know that the Lord allows us to pray for each other during those night hours that become so hard–while it is day for the other one. I count it as such a gift! Sending so much prayers, love, and hugs for you across the pond, my dear friend! xoxo

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      1. Dear Bettie, I’m so thankful for your prayers as I also remember you in mine. It’s such a gracious gift to be given the ability to understand each other’s health challenges and pain. Even more, what a joy to be able to support, encourage, and pray for one another in the struggles we face. Much love, hugs and prayers for you, too, my dear friend! xoxo ❤️

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    1. Dear Nancy,
      Thank you so much for your precious comments and prayers here. I am so grateful that we can lift each other up to Him, and know that we are all joined together in HIS body as one. What a precious gift! Blessings to you this season!

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  6. Bettie, you are the one who motivated me so much through your faith and journey. And of course, you are the real inspiration for my blog journey..You are the first and foremost follower of my blog who put a comment to my posts.I still remembering our email conversations, sharing of songs and images, its such a blessings for me.Now I’m really going through my hardest and toughest time but I believe that there is a purpose for Him for each and everything , that is always beyond human thoughts.Today while I see the notification of your like to my post, it was such a pleasure for me Bettie.
    Even in your pains and struggles, you still keep others in your mind and always find sometime to spend with all of them including me.Thank you so much Bettie for your love and care.

    Stay Blessed !

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    1. Oh Dear Athira, you have brought tears to my eyes tonight. I am so blessed that God would take my small and weak words, from this place of pain, and shine His light right there. I am so thankful for all of your Dear prayers and love sweet friend. May you feel the Lord so close to you in your trial now. May He bring you His comfort and His encouragement even when you cannot see the way ahead. Jesus is right there with you, dear friend! Sending you love and blessings and hugs across the miles!

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  7. Such a beautiful post, dear Bettie! I’m sorry this time of resting in the LORD includes such pain. I’m praying for you even now, for a lifting of the pain, for a ray of light through the dark clouds. May indwelling presence of Jesus’ Spirit whisper the words of hope, peace and strength you need for this day, this hour, this moment. Thank you for the encouragement to listen to His call to come away. The sweetest words at this time.


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