Sharing: The Lord is my Stronghold

Psalm 27:1

Of David. The LORD is my light and my salvation– whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life– of whom shall I be afraid?

Psalm 27:1

I was shut up in my dark room, waiting for the waves of the flare to lift. Oh, how I had tried to keep my little light shining. I thought I had learned to spot the signs of the darkness encroaching; I thought I had recognized when the waves of pain would soon approach. But apparently, I had missed one too many of those signs, and I felt myself “forced” into an isolating rest. My own light had failed, and I struggled to glimpse how the light of my Savior could possibly shine in this darkened room of pain.

Do we know that the Lord is truly our light?

And if we do, then how do we let His light guide us through the dark days of pain and weakness?

David, the author of this Psalm, knew something of what it meant to face the dark places.  King Saul had chased him and tried to take his very life. In fact, when David wrote of the Lord being his stronghold, he had spent his own time of desolation-dwelling in a place commonly known as “the strongholds of En Gedi.”

It was a forlorn place, with caves built into the sides of the cliffs that were perfect for hiding. A spring enclosed was hidden there with nourishing water for those who had survived the desert. Have you ever seen photos from Israeli tour groups who have walked through the desert land of En Gedi?

The utter desolation is shocking.  How could God have led David to those dry and forsaken lands? And yet, that is precisely the phrase that David used, while he was cut off from his home: GOD is the stronghold of my life.  He had come to realize that the very place that felt so forlorn had become God’s protection during the years of his enemy’s pursuit. God provided all that He needed during the days of desolation, even placing a spring of water in the middle of the barrenness.


The Greek word for “stronghold” here is defined as a:  place or means of safety, protection, refuge, stronghold.

  • How could we see that light of God shining forth in our own lives?
  • Can we ask God to show us how He is being our safety, our protector, our refuge, our stronghold in these days when we feel forsaken and desolate?
  • How would seeing that change our perspective from fear to trust?

I would love to invite you to join me at Chronic Joy Ministry’s website today, to read the rest of this post. In this place of God’s Stronghold, He uncovered a beautiful truth about resting in Him that I would love to share with you.

Click here to read the rest of these thoughts.


If you have any doubt that God’s timing is perfect, I must share with you the conviction that God brought to me through the words of this post. It was originally shared with Chronic Joy a few years ago. And then last fall, we agreed to look at old posts to update them, and this is the post that stood out to me. As I was in the midst of editing it, huge flares overtook me again, and I found myself needing to rest in that dark room I described. The post was completed as God met me in November.

However, He wasn’t finished with uncovering more fear in my heart. As this piece is being re-posted today, I am preparing for a second Radio-wave Ablation next week, and my husband is facing tests with a new cardiologist in response to the poor results on his latest echo-cardiogram. I have found myself overwhelmed by the strength that I lack. Even as I have surrendered my fears, and placed my own and my husband’s lives in God’s hands, I have been plagued by nightmares every night this week.

And the words of the Scripture are echoing around me as I realize yet again, and more deeply, ONLY GOD can be my true stronghold. The fears and the chaos around me are too hard for me, and for you too. But we have a Heavenly Father who longs to show us HIS true light and strength.

Are you facing new tests or new fears this week?

Would you join me in praying?

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for being the safety and the true stronghold of our lives. Forgive us for trying to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe within our own strength. We acknowledge that only YOU are the true stronghold in our lives. We offer our desperate prayers to you now, as we cry out for Your protection and strength. Thank You for calling us in to Your heart. Thank You for making the way open, through Your son Jesus, to have full forgiveness and wholeness in YOU.

In the name of Your son, Jesus, we pray,


And I would love to share with you the latest book from my dear sister in the Lord, Joy Lenton. She has put together a beautiful collection of poetry, Scriptures, prayers and essays to lead us into the soon approaching season of Lent. I was greatly encouraged as I read her book, as part of her early readers team. Lent begins less than one month from today, February 17, so her precious offering is just in time to help you pause and still before our Savior to hear His whispers to your heart. You can find her book at Amazon, by clicking here:

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28 thoughts on “Sharing: The Lord is my Stronghold

  1. Today and everyday, I will rest in Him. I started physical therapy for a shoulder issue. I’m sore after the therapy. Yet, I know I can rest in the hope of Jesus. I am thankful God gives wisdom and knowledge to health care workers.

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    1. Dear Melissa,
      Oh, I am sorry about the pain you are dealing with! But yes, you are so right, we can “rest in the hope of Jesus.” May He bless you and bring you such relief with this therapy. Thank you for your sweet comments here, dear sister.

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  2. Thank you for this testimony of our ONE TRUE STRONGHOLD, Bettie. I needed this reminder to rest in Him in the midst of the fear and chaos around us and within us. I am so sorry you get those pain flares, but your testimonies of His faithfulness always strengthen my heart. I pray God’s grace and strength within you and your husband as you go forward one step at a time. Love and blessings to you, my friend!

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    1. Dear Trudy,
      Oh, yes, the chaos all around us blows such strong fear over us. I truly don’t know how I would survive without His call to run into His stronghold. I am so grateful that we can encourage each other. You have been such a blessing to me as well. He knew that we would need each other’s words too, during these days, to remind us to look up to Him. Thank you for your dear prayers, they mean so much to me. And I pray blessings of peace and strength for you too, my friend. xoxo

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    1. Oh Dear Lynn, thank you so much for your precious prayers. Yes, the Lord has lifted the nightmares, and is helping me to trust in HIS strength. Even if the waves threaten to overwhelm me again, I know that He is the stronghold keeping me so secure in Him. Blessings to you!


  3. Such a beautiful post, dear Bettie. You have been through so much and it’s understandable how you would feel so overwhelmed. What a blessings that you can turn to God and know that He is with you and carries you through! You are often in my prayers, dear sister. Blessings to you with much love and lots of hugs! xoxo

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    1. Dear Gayl, Thank you so much for all of your prayers for me and for Barry during these hard days. I truly don’t know what I would do without the Lord to carry us through! May we lift our eyes to Him from the middle of the storm and trust Him again & again. Blessings, love and hugs to you my dear friend! xoxo

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    1. Dear Paula,
      Thank you for your visit here today! I am so grateful that the Lord sends us sisters on this chronic illness pathway who can understand the struggles that we face. May He bless you and carry you today.

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  4. Dear Bettie, my heart goes out to you in your continuing pain and struggles. I’ve responded more fully on the Chronic Joy site but just wanted to reassure you here of my ongoing prayers for your healing and strengthening. It’s quite a shock when our previously fit husbands become worryingly unwell themselves, isn’t it? Especially when we depend a great deal on them for support and help. You are both very much in my thoughts as you face the tests and treatments before you. May God remove the nightmares, calm your anxious heart, give you rest and sleep, and keep you in His peace. Much love, hugs, and blessings of encouragement when things get tough. xoxo 💜PS: Thank you for kindly mentioning the news about ‘Experiencing Lent’ which is typically kind and selfless of you while you’re going through so much yourself.

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    1. Dear Joy,
      Thank you so much for your encouraging words of support. Yes, I know you understand well the shock that comes over us when our dear husbands and caregivers become unwell themselves. Thank you for the example you have shown of leaning on Jesus even through those added struggles. He truly is to be depended upon whatever trial may arise. I appreciate your dear prayer of blessing and peace. And I am so thankful to be able to share about the blessing of your newest book! May the Lord spread your words of encouragement far and wide. And may He bless you with that same peace and rest that you prayed for us. xoxo

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  5. Bettie, Praying that the blood of Jesus encircle both you and your husband, protecting you as it protected the Israelites all those years ago before Pharaoh freed them! Praying you have pace and comfort as you move forward, resting in the All is Well Plan God has for both of you! Thank you for the reminder that God takes care of His children, that He provides for us like He did David. Praying you feel that same provision! Shalom, friend! ~ Maryleigh


    1. Dear Maryleigh,
      Thank you for such a precious blessing and prayer for our Lord’s dear shalom! Truly He has been so faithful, again and again, in the lives of His people, and I know He is faithful still today. Blessings and shalom over you and your family as well, dear friend!


    1. Thank you Athira. I am recovering from my procedure yesterday, and from another allergic reaction to a med used during that procedure. But praise God HE is my protector! I pray that you are safe and well too!

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  6. Bettie I shuddered when I read your description of the darkness being exactly where God was calling you to be. I have been there, and my son is there now. Thank you for sharing your life so freely with us. I saw that you had reactions again, Bettie. I have been praying for you. Oh what each day, if not both mercy and struggle! Love, Julie

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    1. Dear Julie, thank you so much for your dear prayers and understanding. Truly, there is a fellowship of HIS suffering, when we offer it all up for His purposes. I have been keeping both of your boys in my prayers so much, and you & Jason as well. And yes, the mercy of Jesus is so great for us in these struggles! Love and prayers for you !

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  7. Psalm 27 is one of my most favorite chapters in the Bible. I’ve recited it to myself again and again when I feel I’m in a dark spot, and even when I’m not. Praying with you that the Lord will calm the fears in our heart. I’ve had a few new ones this week myself.

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    1. Oh Dear Lisa, that is such a comfort to know that we can pray that same Psalm together over so many miles and through so many situations! I’m joining you in prayer that our Lord will be so mighty in the midst of these fears we are facing.


  8. What a lovely post! I often hear, from those closest to me, “You need to learn to rest!” I often wonder why it’s so hard a thing to do. I found you on a linkup at Candidly Christian and am subscribing and sharing 🙂

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    1. Dear Stacey,
      Thank you for visiting and for your sweet sharing! Oh, I understand how hard it is to find that place of rest. What a blessing to know that Jesus understands too, and He wants to help us find His own rest. Blessings to you!

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