Arise and Shine: Beloved, You are Mine

What a blessing to join my dear friend, Anna today,
in releasing a prayer along with the beautiful poem
God gave her. Her invitation to pen this prayer caused
Me to pause and rest with Jesus. Please come along with
Me over to her site:

Shalom Aleh

This is 
My Word
Through you
In truth
Kissing grace
I'm declaring
My children

Each word
You pen
My song
Is singing
In Spirit
And truth
My children
A hope
And a future
In every Promise

In My blood
And raised
From the tomb
Feast now
In broken bread
And new wine
Flowing into
New wineskins:

For, My goodness
And My mercy
Has been
Chasing you
Beautifully opening you
More and more
To love
From the hands
And feet of
Your servant King
Who loved you

For, I've
Anointed you
Not to boast
In your pride
But in your
That My
Perfecting work
May now rise
To sing.

For, in
Christ alone
Your offering
A free-will
Has Become
For I build
My Temple
In truth
And grace.

Sing of how:

My Body's tears
I gather
Into joy

My Body's…

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13 thoughts on “Arise and Shine: Beloved, You are Mine

  1. It is such a gift to share your prayer, Bettie. It touched me so deeply and I know it will bless others too. So thankful for you. xoxo (PS please don’t worry about replying to this: rest).

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poems and love across the ocean with me, dear friend! What a gift that He has woven together as we journey towards Him. I long for that day when we will finally be able to meet. Hugs & love!!


    1. Thank you Dear Lisa. I am so grateful that God brought encouragement and blessing here. I am so glad that He gave me strength to be able to share! I actually had never tried the “re-blog this” button before, so I was so blessed that He made a way for me to share Anna’s post here. (I’m still such a tech-newbie. LOL)

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    1. Thank you Dear Jennifer! I am so blessed that you were encouraged here. I love Anna’s poetry. The Lord always touches me so deeply through her words. I pray that you feel so loved and blessed today, too, dear friend.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your encouragement and prayers Dear Cheryl! It means so much to know that we are walking this path together with each other, as our Saviour holds us all! Blessings and love to you


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