Part 2: The Living Water of God

I am so grateful to join with my dear friend, Anna, this week as we begin Part 2, The Living Water, from our book. I would love to invite you to read my poem and thoughts that God brought fresh to us both again:

Shalom Aleh

On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried out,“Ifanyonethirsts,lethimcometomeanddrink.John 7:37 (ESV)

Welcome to Part 2 of Arise and Shine: The Living Water of God. Today, Bettie is opening part 2 with a devotional, including a poem and prayer. She shares a personal testimony on the gift of God’s living water that washes us in the truth and grace of our God.

May God bless you richly today, as you sit at His feet with us to listen and drink deeply of His living water in your weakness and need. May God pour out rivers of living water in our midst, out of each of our hearts, as He awakens fresh faith in us, through the power of His living and active Word.

“Oh, Lord, I will never be washed clean enough!” The words escaped from my lips as yet another sore…

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7 thoughts on “Part 2: The Living Water of God

    1. Dear Wendi, thank you so much for your prayers! We are preparing for the move, maybe in just a few weeks, so I appreciate your thoughts and love so much! I pray that you and your family are blessed with God’s help so much too.

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  1. Oh, how often we see our wounds as shameful. I know I do that myself, in big and small ways. May I learn to lay down my pride every single day. You always encourage me to live closer to Jesus, Bettie. Thank you, friend. I benefited by your devotional.

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    1. Yes, I join you in that prayer to lay down my pride every day. I fall back so quickly! But He is so gracious to lift us closer again. Thank you for all of your prayers and encouragement Dear Lisa. Blessings and love to you.


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