Part 3: The Oil of Anointing

During this last week of packing and moving from our home, what a gift from the Lord to be reminded of this older poem and words He gave me years ago. He has borne the deepest wounding so for us, and in that wounding He became the precious anointing oil poured over our lives. I am so thankful to join my dear friend, Anna, at her site for the next installment of our book, “Arise and Shine, Beloved You Are Mine.” Today we begin Part 3, The Oil of Anointing. Will you join me there?

7 thoughts on “Part 3: The Oil of Anointing

    1. Thank you dear Mandy. I felt that the Lord’s timing was so amazing in this sharing, as you and I are both dealing with such aching feet. Truly HE knows how to lift our hearts to Him. Blessings and love to you dear friend.


    1. Oh, dear Maryleigh, thank you for your sweet support and prayers! I surely feel my weakness during the stress of the move. But I also feel the strength and peace of the Lord helping us so much! Only God!


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