Part 4: Chapter 3 – Day 4: Heaven’s Weaving Revealed

Today’s offering for Part 4, Chapter 3 The Blue Thread of Heaven, is such a beautiful memory of the Lord’s weaving in my life. I would love to invite you to join me over at my friend Anna’s site for another daily gift from our book, “Arise and Shine: Beloved You Are Mine.”

Shalom Aleh

Welcome toDay 4 ofPart 4’s Chapter 3 ofArise and Shine. Today,Bettie is bringing forward the fourth free will offering of blue thread.

There are times when we don’t realize that the blue thread of Heaven has been joining our lives with others until many years later. It’s only in the pausing and looking back that we can see the shining of Heaven as God’s Holy Spirit gives us a small glimpse of His presence among us. Such was the case with my dear friend and her English Nana.

We became Mom-friends as we walked our young kids to school every day. But we became heart-friends as we shared the struggles we each were facing. She wasn’t used to someone like me who brought the Lord into all of my moments. I wasn’t used to someone like her who loved me so unconditionally.

And when her…

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