Part 7: The Blood of Christ and the Doorway of God’s Heart for Us All

What a blessing the Lord has been bringing as my friend Anna and I are sharing this last Part, The Blood of Christ and The Doorway to God’s Heart, in our book “Arise and Shine: Beloved You are Mine.” We both have been amazed at the way He is weaving our thoughts together and writing His Word upon our hearts. I invite you to join me at Anna’s site:

Arise & Shine

Welcome to Part 7 of Arise and Shine. Today, Bettie and Anna are together introducing the final part of this book that God has been writing on our hearts. In these final weeks, we look forward to sharing the final 5 free will offerings with you all.

Sharing this book with you all has been an adventure in trust and surrender, as God has continually led us to lay down our plans to pick up His. He has changed the order of posts, the content of posts and the direction of posts as we prayed our way through sharing this book with you. Beautifully, He continues to awe us with His leading, as He establishes our steps.

As Anna asked Bettie to sit with a string of words she and Anna had written in the past year, and to pen a free will offering for ram skins dyed…

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4 thoughts on “Part 7: The Blood of Christ and the Doorway of God’s Heart for Us All

  1. I left this on Anna’s blog too: This is the third message I’ve received in two days about God being with us in that waiting place. I am struggling with my health – physically weak without many answers. Twice this week I had bad episodes of low blood sugar (not diabetic) after taking thyroid medicine. I’ve never had that happen before, that I’ve ever connected anyhow. So now I sit in fear – afraid to take the medicine, afraid not to, afraid I’ll have another spell of low blood sugar. It’s scary but three times in two days God has used someone to remind me that he is with us in the waiting. So I am waiting for my system to calm, then I will take the medicine and I will trust him again to be with me as I wait to see what effect it might have on me again.

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    1. Oh I am so thankful that God confirmed His Word to you dear Lisa! It’s such a struggle when we can’t see what is ahead. But He is so present in these in-between places. You are in my prayers so much tonight. May the Lord be with you in your waiting and in your praying. Love and hugs for you tonight!

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