There it was again, that old familiar wake-up call: a wave of nausea followed by a jolt of pain and then the rush of anxiety.  This journey through RA/Fibromyalgia has left me well acquainted with the Night Watches of Anxiety.  But this time, a word followed closely on the heels of the normal rush: HANDS, … Continue reading Hands

A Lasting Inheritance

Today would have been my Father's 95th Birthday.Already, he's been gone to Heaven for 20 years,and my Mother joined him there 7 years ago.There are days still, when it feels like I could    pick up the phoneand hear their voiceschecking in on my day, and my home here.But their HOME has become so much … Continue reading A Lasting Inheritance

The Joy of Consolation

   When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy.Psalm 94:19, NIV What do you do when your heart tremblesunder a load of anxiety?Do you have a word that soothesor a song that comforts?I have a treasure chest fullthat measures an abundance of JOYjust waiting for me.Sometimes easily forgotten, one simple thoughtcan take me down the paththat will open … Continue reading The Joy of Consolation

Body and Soul: A Truce

  "Roll thy cares, and thyself with them, as one burden all on thy God."  --R. Leighton   "Whatever the care which breaks thy rest, Whatever the wish that swells thy breast, Spread before God that wish that care, And change anxiety to prayer."  --Anon.   The care that breaks my rest?  The anxiety that storms … Continue reading Body and Soul: A Truce