A Lenten Quieting

Does your heart long for blue skiesandsimplicity?Is there a clutterweighingonyour mind? It seems that everywhere I turn lately, people are lamenting over the stress and disruption ruling our days. If we aren't busy at work, then we are busy at leisure. If we aren't overwhelmed with finances, then we are overwhelmed with business choices. We … Continue reading A Lenten Quieting

Day 31: Letting Go so that We Can Listen

Wow! God has helped us to travel all the way toDAY 31in this #31Days of Listening with Chronic Illness! Along the way, we've listened to find peace,to find rest,to hear the voices of those around us,and to seek to hear our Lord's voice more clearly. I've been surprised at the rememberingthat God has stirred up,at the ways … Continue reading Day 31: Letting Go so that We Can Listen