"And then an old woman I knew as Aunt Cordie gathered me up without asking and sat down in the rocking chair and held me and let me cry. She had on a coarse black sweater over a black dress that reached to her shoetops and a black hat with little white and blue flowers … Continue reading Revival

The Holiness of Grace

Some days breakfast with your devotions is a great idea. Other days, not so much.  Especially if the devotions you are reading are on your tablet, and the phone rings, and your oatmeal . . . well, you get the picture. Thankfully my keyboard has dried out enough that only a couple keys still remain … Continue reading The Holiness of Grace

The Stillness of Poetry

"Sun of my soul, thou Savior dear,it is not night if thou be near:O may no earth-born cloud ariseto hide thee from thy servant's eyes."--John Keble What is it about poetry that causes my mind to stop its whirling spinning and to hear with my heart? In the same way that music goes to a deeper … Continue reading The Stillness of Poetry