When Worry Wastes Beauty

The springtime sun revealed the sad state of our yard this weekend.  And while my husband mowed the lawn for the first time this year, I tried to be thankful for the abilities that are still mine, and enjoy the small containers that I had filled with pansies.  They were my Mom's favorite spring flowers, … Continue reading When Worry Wastes Beauty

In Awe of Wonders

The early morning quiet was shattered by the pounding of hail on the roof, and I knew my sleep was finished. So I turned on the light and checked outside: sure enough, there were the little white balls, bouncing in the pouring rain. Even though fatigue still had the better of me, I put on my … Continue reading In Awe of Wonders

After the Fire

It was a cloudy, grey day, but my heart longed to hear the early spring birds that were gathered at the lakeside, so we drove again to our favorite spot. What a difference there was at the lake this week!The Park Districthad managed their"controlled burn"over most of the land there.The Land CriesThe burned over landaches in chagrin, … Continue reading After the Fire

The Gardener Must Prune

Hydrangea ArborescensHave you been smitten by the Hydrangea-Love that seems to be overtaking many gardeners? I know I have, but living here in a cold hilly pocket close to Wisconsin lakes, it takes a gamble to risk most varieties. I wrote about my sweet neighbor and the hydrangeas in her Secret Garden here,and the summer that … Continue reading The Gardener Must Prune

Spring Breath

This is the time of year when my hopes get the best of me. A sunny day suddenly appears, and all thoughts of snow and winter are far behind. Even if the temperature is all over the place, it's the first day of Spring, after all!Do you see springtime in the blue sky also?This week … Continue reading Spring Breath

Springtime Snow

Soooo Spring is one week away? I'm not sure about that. . . Last week, my dear elderly neighbor from the Ukraine told me that they have a saying in her country when March 1st comes around:"Vinter ist fight mit de Spring,"she told me in her lovely Eastern European accent. We laughed about it then, as … Continue reading Springtime Snow

The King Calls

Have you envisioned your daybefore ever your eyes were openand saw the samenessstretching outover and over?I know I have.Have you opened the windowbefore ever the door was crackedand saw the greynessstretching outtill the bark touched the sky?I know I have.But a different soundis rising in my hearingand a different viewis beckoning my eyes to see.The … Continue reading The King Calls

The Secret of His Presence

My thoughts this weekhave been filled with eternity. A dear friend just left this earth,and now there is a void in my heartand in the hearts of all who loved her.Are you missing someone dear?Can we face sorrow together?I Miss YouYour death leaves a holeYou have found the secret placeBut my heart still burns --Bettie GilbertAnd while … Continue reading The Secret of His Presence

Ice Melt

I have been waiting all winter for these days. The time when the ice on the lake in our little town begins its receding has come early this year.  What a beautiful day to stand in the sun warmth and see the ice actually melting!Has God been waiting and watching me, preparing the way for … Continue reading Ice Melt

Shadows in the Stillness

Wow. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I wonder who it is that stares at me.  When did the eyes sink low, and the grey paint this hair? Do you ever feel that way?The years flow swiftly and my heart has troublekeeping pace.But there is ONE who sees with eyes that are true,and HE would call me … Continue reading Shadows in the Stillness