Welcome! Why I Chose a New Tagline

Welcome back to Week 2 for this new site's launch! (Remember to read through to the end of this post to find more details about the giveaway that I am hosting.)   I had been blogging for almost 2 years when I felt God nudging me to make the move over here to WordPress.  And … Continue reading Welcome! Why I Chose a New Tagline

He Gives Us More Grace

"Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are unhealthy, your body also is full of darkness."Luke 11:34 NIV This branch is from my Flowering Almond bush. It has had its share of suffering and disease. At one point, several … Continue reading He Gives Us More Grace

Day 19: The Anointing in the Listening

Post Exertional MalaiseThis is the term for what I lay in bed feeling.It's the "payback" that comes with many auto-immune diseases--24 to 48 hours after the initial stress of something that is beyond the scope of your normal,you should not be surprised if your body has asecondary reaction of painand fatigue,just as you thought you were ready … Continue reading Day 19: The Anointing in the Listening

Day 11: Listen for Encouragement

When I first began this blog,I wrote from a place of obedience.I knew that God was asking me tobe transparent and write the story of my days. I could not have known how the course of my days would beShifting so soon.The Fibromyalgia diagnosis, less than a month later,was the catalyst that drew outthe sense … Continue reading Day 11: Listen for Encouragement

Day 4: Peace in the Listening

Life interrupted.I had my plans, and set out the Scriptures, but the Doctor called,and my peace was shattered.  I knew this Writing Challenge would be an ADVENTURE, and I knew that God had something He wanted to say to me in this process.But I, of course, had my journey plotted out with my sugarplum fairy … Continue reading Day 4: Peace in the Listening

Day 3: I Will Stand At My Watch

Have you ever noticed that sometimes the very thing that is causing you so much trouble is the very thing that is meant to be a blessing?Maybe that blessing is meant to be shared with another.But how can we share unless we listen to seeWHO is the one God has in mind for the sharing?All … Continue reading Day 3: I Will Stand At My Watch

Day 1: Listen to what God is Saying

  October 2016, the #Write31Days Challenge (Scroll to the bottom of this post to find an index for entire #31 Days Series)    Two years ago, September 2014, I should have seen the signs marking what was coming . . . I thought those weird pains and funny little swellings were just part of getting … Continue reading Day 1: Listen to what God is Saying


"Invisible Illness Awareness Week" this year is September 26 - October 2, 2016Invisible Illness Awareness is a movement that was started over 10 years ago to encourage us to look around and see with new eyes the way that chronic illness is affecting so many people now-a-days. According to the US Centers for Disease Control … Continue reading #ThisIsChronicIllness

Share the Adventure

It's been a different kind of week at my house.My man is home and the espresso is flowing.Not that I mind all of this excess caffeine flowing through my veins. . .After all, even when he's home because he's recouping from theminor surgery that was finally rescheduled (Praise God!) I am seeing that he is still … Continue reading Share the Adventure

The Path I Choose

Are you facing a Battle this week?  Maybe it's personal and no one else knows how depleted you feel inside.  Or maybe it's the state of this world, and the anger & division has left you feeling hopeless.I was asked to participate in a Book Launch by Ifeoma Samuel for her new book,   Overcome Failure: … Continue reading The Path I Choose