Day 2: The Place of Listening

Where can I go to find a place to Listen?

Where can I find 

the noise is stilled 


my heart is ready to hear?


Only in quietness and trust.

It seems that God has to be so specific with us these days, to come away with Him to find His Rest! Many of us would much rather find a way of serving, or doing, or filling a need. But God calls us 
His Beloved
and He longs to just BE with us. 

On this first Sunday in October, enjoy this favorite song of mine, and a shorter, lighter post. May you find time to Come Away into His Presence and listen for the words that our Beloved Christ may speak to you.

Today is Day 2 of #31Days of Listening with Chronic Illness
for the #Write31Days Challenge 
I am honored to have you journey with me as we learn new ways to 

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6 thoughts on “Day 2: The Place of Listening

  1. Quiet…oh yes…so, so important. I just went for a walk here in Switzerland (away for a week for a writer's course) and it was so amazing and had me in tears. Wish I could listen to the song, but it would eat my data here (paying overseas rates).


  2. Oh, your walk sounds lovely Anna! And, how exciting to be at a writer's course during this month of sharing stories! I will pray for the Lord to bring you new words from Him during your time away listening and learning. –Blessings!


  3. I need to remember to “come away” to rest in Him. What I desire is to have breaks during the day to stop and spend some time in prayer. What I do is often far from that, but I want to make it a reality. I know that I can pray anytime, anywhere, but I also want specific times of being alone with God.

    I've never heard the song before. It's very comforting. Blessings to you!


  4. Hi Gayl, I'm glad that you were blessed with the song! Yes, it is so comforting, and it reminds me that I can rest anytime I feel Him calling to me. I so admire your efforts for health & fitness, both physically and spiritually! –Blessings to you!


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