Day 29: What to do When it’s Hard to Listen

The weekend is here, and I should be energized!  Instead I am drained and weary, and longing for rest.  Has it been a long weekfor you as well? Then I pray that the words I utter to our Lordwill draw you in so that you can hear the words that He, Himself,has spoken to us."Dear Jesus,our days have … Continue reading Day 29: What to do When it’s Hard to Listen

Day 28: Who is Listening?

"Hello-o-o-o,Is anyone listening to me?Did you hear a word that I said?!"Wow.I think I may have said that a timeor two(or many more)when my children were young.There were days when I felt like I was talking to a wallfor all the good it did me.And then there were the days when little lips repeated whatI knew … Continue reading Day 28: Who is Listening?

Day 27: Listen for HIS Heartbeat

Five years ago today . . . Does your phone or tablet have that app?You know, the one that shows your picturesfrom a previous year,hoping that you will share them all over again?Well, this morning when I saw where I was five years  ago today,I heard a whisper from my Lord's heartbeat,"Write about my compassion." And I knew … Continue reading Day 27: Listen for HIS Heartbeat

Day 26: Does God Listen?

"How can you just pray abouteverything?"I've had many people ask me that over the years. Often times they will followthe first questionwith this thought:"Oh, I could never pray like you do.You must have some special connectionwith God."And both of these questions have beenasked just as often by Jesus-followersas by those not part of the Faith.So … Continue reading Day 26: Does God Listen?

Day 25: Listen through the Slow and Cold

I love spring flowers.So, when I had a sudden burst of energy this morning,I used up all my allotment of said energyto plant some spring bulbs. And as I strained and struggled with the task that would have been but a minor choreonly a few years ago,I remembered the words that a good friendhad shared with me … Continue reading Day 25: Listen through the Slow and Cold

Day 24: Listen for Instructions

Have you ever felt that nothing you are doingis making any difference?Perhaps you have felt that you are doing everythingyou know to do,and yet the results have turned outfar below your expectations?  Or, what if you are in the place where nothing makes senseand there seems to be nowhereto turn for any answer? You are not alone, … Continue reading Day 24: Listen for Instructions

Day 23: Glean and Listen Part 3

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV)  Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.As promised last week, I have compiled a list of a few  Online Christian Communitiesfor those with Chronic Illness. These ministries have blessed mebecause God has created us to be inCOMMUNITYwith each other. We need each … Continue reading Day 23: Glean and Listen Part 3

Day 22: Listening for His Protection

As I am rejoicing, and saying"Thank you Father!"for protecting me through this latest round of testing,and the biopsies that are "benign,"I am trusting that He still holds methrough the painful daysand weary ways.And my prayer for you today is that you would feel the arms of Jesusand the brush of Angel Wingssurrounding youand carrying you through every trialand … Continue reading Day 22: Listening for His Protection

Day 21: Remember as we Listen Part 2

The tractor struggled up the hill,and the farmer tried desperately tomaintain control,but the front end shook and rocked,and before he knew it,he was pinned under the seat of anupside-down deadweight of a machine. His cries for help were heard by the farmwife,who gathered up their young infant son,and placed him in the backseat of their 1940's car, and … Continue reading Day 21: Remember as we Listen Part 2

Day 20: Remember as we Listen

It was the day after a biopsy, and I knew I was in for another waiting time,wanting to know the results,wanting to find my strength renewed,wanting to just be done with this questioning.But as I realized that none of those answers would beforthcoming,I also realized that I am really good at pining forThe Good Ole … Continue reading Day 20: Remember as we Listen