Day 9: Glean and Listen Part 1

As I have been walking along this pathway of Chronic Illness, there are a few websites that have been helpful to me in gleaning information. 

So, on this Autumn Sunday during the #Write31Days Challenge, I am sharing some of those links with you. Today’s post is shorter because I am on my way to meet my newest Grandbaby! Woohoo! More about that tomorrow though.
I believe that God asks us to look and listen to the available knowledge that is before us. Then HE gives us the discernment to know which are the ways and the choices that HE would have us to follow, and which are the Doctors under whose care we should be. 

For information on what Rheumatoid Arthritis is, and basic information on healthcare, these two sites have proven beneficial:

For information on side effects and possible drug interactions for almost any prescription or over-the-counter medication, this site is amazing:

For a basic, free e-course that is simple and easy to use about Fibromyalgia, try this site:

And for information about Osteoporosis, try this site:
(Please know that I am not giving any medical advice, or professional direction.  These are my own thoughts for informational sites that may be helpful to you too.)
This is Day 9 for the #Write31Day Challenge, and my journey of #31Days of Listening with Chronic Illness.  If you missed any of the posts and would like to follow along,   

2 thoughts on “Day 9: Glean and Listen Part 1

  1. Bettie, these are great resources for sufferers and carers alike. Thank you for sharing them. When we are alert to God's will and way for us it means we can make good decisions from a standpoint of wisdom and discernment. Each person will experience things a little differently because of their own unique body chemistry, general health status and prior medical history. But it definitely helps to have some useful info to refer to.
    Praying and thinking of you as you take a bit of time out to wait for your grandchild's forthcoming arrival. Woohooo, indeed! Enjoy the celebrations! Xox


  2. Oh thank you Joy! Yes we certainly enjoyed cuddling that new Grandbaby today, who came earlier than we expected, but right on time! Hope you had a restful weekend, my friend! xoxo


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