Day 16: Glean and Listen Part 2

Last week I shared with you some links for

Professional or Medical Associations
That I have found helpful on my journey with
Chronic illness.

This week I would like to continue on in the Gleaning and Listening Walk
By sharing a few of the more helpful
Rheumatoid Arthritis blogs
I have found.

One of the most extensive websites that I have encountered is the blog site:

This site is managed by a woman who has had RA for many years, and in the process has become a National Advocate for 
Patients with Rheumatic Disease (PRD)
She has compiled thousands of documents, studies, and personal stories relating to anything having to do with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Another very well documented Blog is:

His tag line is “A Patient’s Musings about RA from a Scientific Frame of Reference”
Because he was a Science Teacher and College Professor, who himself contracted RA, he explores the topic of RA from a 
Scientifically researched background.

Both of the above websites will refer you to a host of other links for more study.

Next week I hope to share some of the
Chronic Illness Communites,
Specifically Christian groups
That I have been blessed to join.

In all of this searching, my heart has been encouraged to hear God’s voice directing me,
And leading me down the path of His Choosing.

Psalm 73:24-25 (NIV) You guide me with your counsel, and afterward you will take me into glory.  Whom have I in heaven but you? And earth has nothing I desire besides you.



This is Day 16 for the #Write31Days Challenge

and my #31Days of Listening with Chronic Illness

Thank you for traveling with me!

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4 thoughts on “Day 16: Glean and Listen Part 2

  1. Bettie, his site sounds very interesting and helpful! I am so glad you are hearing God's counsel and guidance and that it is lifting you up as you move forward and learn! Prayers and blessings to you, sweet friend!


  2. Bettie, the rawarrior site looks very helpful and informative. I like her upfront attitude and enjoyed reading the '10 commandments of chronic illness', because it's not only amusingly written, it's also applicable for any form of chronic illness.
    People need support like this from someone who knows what it is like.
    I think your words here reveal the purpose of your theme and the way God is so beautifully guiding you in all your attentive listening:
    “In all of this searching, my heart has been encouraged to hear God’s voice directing me,
    And leading me down the path of His Choosing.”
    Keep on listening, sweet friend. You are learning and growing as well as providing a beautiful service for your readers. I am blessed by all I see here. Xox 😊💜


  3. Thank you Meg! Yes, his site has proven beneficial for me many times, especially in between Doctor visits when I have had strange or new symptoms pop us. I am so glad that God finds so many different ways to send us the help that we need! –Blessings and Hugs to you my friend!


  4. Dear Joy, I'm glad that you were able to pop over to the rawarrior site. Isn't it amazing how much information she has been able to compile, and to share it all from a personal perspective also? Thank you for your encouragement to keep persevering and growing in this process, my friend! You are such a blessing to me. –Hugs!


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