Day 20: Remember as we Listen

It was the day after a biopsy, and I knew I was in for another waiting time,
wanting to know the results,
wanting to find my strength renewed,
wanting to just be done with this questioning.
But as I realized that none of those answers would be
I also realized that I am really good at pining for
The Good Ole Days.
Perhaps you are like that as well?
I tend to either look back longingly at the days gone by,
and think they were all rosypie-sweetness,
Or I dwell on all those if-only-I-had . . . 
and try to fill in the blank with anything BETTER
than the mistakes I know I’ve made.
I can surely relate to the author of this Psalm when he is looking back:

Psalm 77:5-7 (NIV)  I thought about the former days, the years of long ago; I remembered my songs in the night. My heart meditated and my spirit asked: “Will the Lord reject forever? Will he never show his favor again?

Does that smack of nostalgic-remembering that is laced with cynicism, or what?  

So, in the middle of a beautiful autumn day, that 
I was NOT enjoying,
I found myself catching up on my
Biblical Blog Reading
yet again.

Have you visited Anna Smit and Debbie Barrow Michael for the series they are sharing as their part of the
#Write31Days Challenge?

Click here to read their series 

because they are sharing the right kind of remembering,
#31Days of Miracles: Who is our God.

This is the kind of remembering that the Psalmist went on
to speak about,
in just the very next passage:

Psalm 77:10-11 (NIV) Then I thought, “To this I will appeal: the years when the Most High stretched out his right hand. I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. 

And my own remembering began to change as I listened to what God desires for me to remember:

I will cling to the Greatness of my God,

The ONE who opened up homes for us to live in
when the doors had all been closed,
time after time.

The ONE who sent the anonymous gifts of money
just when the bills were due
time after time.

The ONE who protected my husband
from the angry and hysterical boss
who was threatening jail.

The ONE who sent a permanent job
when the way had been closed
for years.

The ONE who healed my daughter’s lazy eye
when the surgeon said
nothing else could be done.

And the ONE who never changes
the ONE who still moves mountains
the ONE who holds my hand.

What are you remembering today?
Are there miracles in your past that you need to cling to?
Or are there if-only’s from your past that you need to let go of?

The ONE who gave you life is
The ONE who stretches out HIS hand
to you today. 

This is Day 20 for the #Write31Days Challenge,
and my #31Days of Listening with Chronic Illness.

Thank you for following along! If you missed any posts,
and would like to catch up,

click here for the Series Index 

Today I am linking up with some great bloggers over at

#LiveFreeThursday with Suzie Eller


16 thoughts on “Day 20: Remember as we Listen

  1. You are facing such a hard path, Bettie, but one your God has gone before for you and is hemming you in for from before and behind. But those laments are needed too, aren't they? I see God taking David back to His truth, as David dared to pour out his heart, entrusting God his every emotion, no matter how awful it seemed. He's doing that for you too … and for me too. Taking us back to reflect on His faithfulness, tender mercies and grace. Oh how blessed we are. I loved the stories of His faithfulness you shared.

    Thank you for linking to our series. I pray it blesses those who choose to visit. I know it's blessed me receiving each and every story.


  2. Oh yes, He has been so faithful through the years! But you are right that our need to know covers that up. I am glad that He is with us in the waiting, and helps us remember His working in the past too. May He bless you in your waiting now!


  3. Hi Anna, I am thankful that God is hemming us in, because that means we are so safe with Him, doesn't it? But yes, sometimes that “hemming in” feels like such a hard place to be in, as we must face those difficult truths that He wants us to see. Thank you for the encouragement that you are sharing, Anna! I have been so blessed by God's Greatness through His miracles! –Blessings to you.


  4. I love reading of these miracles, Bettie. We all are in need of miracles in different ways, and I'm encouraged to hear how God has answered some of your needs in these miraculous ways.


  5. Hi Lisa, Yes, you are so right that we all have need of God's miracles in our lives. I am so thankful for those ways that He has proven Himself so faithful in my life, and I want to keep on trusting Him even when the future looks unclear!


  6. “And the ONE who never changes
    the ONE who still moves mountains
    the ONE who holds my hand.”
    He has provided in so many ways throughout my life when times have been hard. He is so faithful and is always with us.
    Blessings to you, dear Bettie! xo


  7. Bettie, you are going through a season of painful overwhelm and waiting that are naturally drawing your eyes inwards. It's at times like this that we can lose sight of the blessings surrounding us. But when we do shift our focus, as Anna and Debbie are doing with their uplifting series, we discover how God's goodness and grace have been hiding in plain sight all along.
    These words are a beautiful reminder for weary souls: “I will cling to the Greatness of my God”, because they remind us how to stay stable in life's storms. Thank you for sharing your sweet remembrance.
    May your heart be stayed on God's calming Truth, your eyes lifted to the Lord and your mind set on His manifold blessings poured out in the past as you wait for future knowledge to unfold. Lifting you to Him, dear friend. Rest in being held. xo ��


  8. Bettie, I am constantly remiinded of the brokeness in this fragile world in which we live. But God must have anticipated our plight. And He gave us a hope beyond this world. When I think about that “Way out” He gives us, I am so humbled and grateful. I will cling to the GREATEST of my GOD! He is enough!

    God bless! THanks for sharing our blog series too!


  9. Dear Joy, Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet words! His faithfulness in the past has been so great, and truly He does want us to see how He is hiding in plain sight here and now too! I am rejoicing in good test results that just came through this morning! He holds us so closely, my friend! –Hugs & Blessings to you!


  10. Hi Debbie, Yes, I am so glad that our God is surely enough for all we need! I am so thankful that I could share your blog series, and I am thankful for your book as well! I hope to add a review to Amazon for it soon! –Blessings to you!


  11. Oh Bettie, the tears pooled in my eyes as I read in your reply to Joy that you had good test results. Thank You, God! You've been through a trying time waiting.

    God is so full of miracles. Sometimes I miss the everyday miracles right in front of me. Even the leaves changing color is actually a miracle. But at times when my heart is downcast, it's so hard to open my heart to them.

    This is so comforting:
    “And the ONE who never changes
    the ONE who still moves mountains
    the ONE who holds my hand.”

    Have a relaxing weekend rejoicing in the good test results! Hugs!


  12. Oh, yes, Debbie I was blessed deeply as I read the pages of your story, and I was sad when it finished, I could have kept reading! 🙂 We truly do praise the ONE who brings us so much Grace!


  13. Dear Trudy, Yes, I am so thankful for God's great protection over me, with both biopsies showing up as benign! And, your prayers and encouragement have meant so much to me as I have been walking this path. How especially good of the Lord to connect us just when He knew we would need each other's prayers. I will continue to pray for you, my friend, that your health is improving, and the counts return to a more normal range! He is so faithful to us. May your weekend be restful also! –Hugs!


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