Day 26: Does God Listen?

“How can you just pray about
I’ve had many people ask me that over the years. Often times they will follow
the first question
with this thought:
“Oh, I could never pray like you do.
You must have some special connection
with God.”
And both of these questions have been
asked just as often by Jesus-followers
as by those not part of the Faith.
So what have I offered in response?
What is my answer to those
who seek to place me in some
super-prayer category?
“Oh, my friend, it’s not because of me
that the words flow out unceasing.
No, it’s because I’ve found out
that HE really does listen
to our cries.
I can pray because of
I lift those prayers unto.
 When life has tossed me
to the shore
like so much 
wasted driftwood,

When friends have
walked away
and called me
rejected and alone

When loss has cut so deep
I thought
the gash would 
never heal

the only echo in my soul
that found a home
and love

Came from the One
who shed His blood
And called me
fully HIS.

There was a time when those questions that my friends would ask me brought a sadness to my soul.  I felt that they were questioning me, and calling me “different” or “wierd.”  At other times, I could hear a sense of separation in their voices, as if I was someone to put up on a shelf: nice, but out of reach for “normal” living. 

But those feelings always shifted when I could give those friends the true answer. I have nothing special. I am weak and lacking in my faith too.  And as I walk this path of Chronic Illness, it has become even more apparent that my praying is all because of HIM.  
Does God hear us when we cry?
Is His heart ready to listen
to our voice?
He, Himself, tells us that He is near to ALL who call to Him,
asking honestly for His help.
There is no special language
or wording that He prefers,
only that of an honest soul
looking to HIM
for an answer
to the cry.

 Today is Day 26 of the #Write31Days Challenge
as we walk through #31Days of Listening with Chronic Illness.
Thank you for walking with me!

2 thoughts on “Day 26: Does God Listen?

  1. Oh my friend, my heart aches in sympathy for the pain, rejection and loneliness you have experienced! It's sadly no rare thing when we walk a different pathway to the norm. Feeling cast aside like driftwood is very hard indeed. Then we remember Jesus…as the Stone who the builders rejected, despised and rejected by men in His hour of need, and the One who walked willingly to the cross on our behalf. His listening to the Father was borne out of obedience and submission to His will, a powerful example for us to follow.
    These words are so true:
    “There is no special language
    or wording that He prefers,
    only that of an honest soul
    looking to HIM
    for an answer
    to the cry.”
    Amen! He longs to listen to our heart cries, our inner longings and our tears. And as we tune our hearts to hear from Him, we discover how very willing God is to speak with us. It's a holy dialogue, not a hit-the-ceiling-only monologue, that we are privileged to be a part of. Listening is a key part of prayer and a it has definitely been a great necessity in writing for 31days! Bless you, Bettie, your faithful listening is reaping beautiful fruit. xox


  2. Dear Joy, Thank you for such encouraging words that you carry to me. Yes, only Jesus bears those hurts for us, and then He fills us with more of HIMSELF. I am so grateful that He does long to listen to us, and then to have that “holy dialogue.” OH what a true privilege! I am learning things about Him in this path of listening that I certainly did not expect! What an adventure this has been–but I am tired! 🙂 Thanks for being such a great friend to me on this journey! xoxo


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