Through It All

On a November Morning filled with much uncertainty, there is One who ever remains Faithful and True.
My younger son sent me a text
this morning with a song
from our one of our favorite
singers from decades ago.
This led to my remembering this classic:
Are you feeling the weight of weakness
that this world is displaying now?
Is your own heart filled with a
that seems to shadow faith
with fear?
Our God is faithful still,
and He has not left us alone.
May our hearts look back to Him,
as with one voice we cry
“Lord, save this land.” 

6 thoughts on “Through It All

  1. Thank you for this comforting reminder, Bettie. Yes, my heart is weary, but it is encouraging to know our God is faithful still and nothing is impossible for Him. I hope you're having a soul rest Sabbath! Hugs!


  2. Thank you Trudy, yes I am thankful for the resting times that come my way, and for the faithfulness of our Lord during these days! Our beautiful fall weather has certainly been a help this weekend! Hugs & Blessings to you!


  3. Bettie, with hindsight perspective it definitely gets easier to “thank God for the valleys”, because we see just how much He has brought us “through it all.” God kindles our faltering faith, wraps arms of love around us and infuses us with His strength. We find we can get through anything this world may throw at us, because we have God's grace and help whenever we need it. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. Bless you, sweet friend! xo


  4. Thank you for your encouraging words, Joy! I am so grateful for those everlasting arms around me, even in these valley days. It seems easier for me to remember these faithful thoughts during the daytime sunshine. But I want to learn even more about His infusing strength during the night times too! So glad for the prayers that we offer up for each other my friend! xo


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