25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 9

“For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” John 1:17

We see the Baby in the manger. We watch the story unfold as the Angels sing, and
the Shepherds rejoice. We look with wonder at the Wise Men traveling so great a
distance to worship the King.

Yet even when we are filled with wonder over the miracle that came to be, do we
look deeper to see the true gift that the Father gave?

The world was changed when Grace and Truth stepped into our humanity. . . 

To finish reading this post
please join me at

Purposeful and Meaningful

where I am blessed to be sharing with
my friend Ifeoma Samuel.
We have prayerfully prepared short devotions
and activities for you and your family
during this Advent Season. 
And the #HolyHaiku continues
with my friend Susan Shipe


where today’s prompt is “Mary.”
Because of Mary’s obedience to host
the Almighty,
the free gift of salvation
is available to all of us now,
just for the asking!

 I am praying for you today,
my friend,
to know the blessed freedom
that comes
when our Lord washes our hearts 

2 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 9

  1. Jesus Christ; the sovereign gift, the source and the giver of life. May we never forget.

    And may we find grace and truth again this season as we remember and honour God's sovereign gift.


  2. Thank you for visiting here, Boma! Oh, yes, may we always remember the source and giver of life–our Lord Jesus. He is such a precious gift to us. Blessings to you this Season!


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