25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 11

“This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 1:18

 She was so young. The betrothal was well known in her village—it was the way of life, and the expected path to take. 
But her heart bowed to Someone greater than just the traditions.
When the Holy One sets before you HIS way of living, how could you refuse?
 She was so young. But she chose the way of Holiness . . . 
To finish reading, please join me at

Purposeful and Meaningful 

where I am so blessed to be sharing
with my good friend Ifeoma Samuel.
We are prayerfully offering
short devotions and activities
for your family this Advent Season.

Be blessed as you prepare for Christmas!
And the #HolyHaiku continues with
my friend Susan Chamberlain Shipe


where today’s prompt is
Even if the days 
are painful or hard,
I pray that we will come 
before the King
and let Him melt our hearts
with His own Love. 
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4 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 11

  1. Thank you for all these hope-filled Advent reflections, Bettie. They help me to be still and ponder the miracle of Christ's birth. This is a question that especially touches me and calls to me -“When the Holy One sets before me HIS way of living, will I choose to walk in HIS miracles?” It always amazes me that Mary was more concerned about walking in HIS way, even if it meant she would be persecuted and ostracized by society. May God give us grace to follow HIS way! Love and hugs to you!


  2. Dear Trudy, I am grateful that you have been encouraged to be still and ponder through these reflections. I am so blessed that Ifeoma encouraged me to come along with her for this journey. It wasn't something that I would have done on my own–but HE does have His way of leading us, doesn't He? And, just like Mary, I too want to be more willing to receive His “grace to follow HIS way!” Love and hugs to you! xoxo


  3. Oh that we would willingly do this: “she chose the way of Holiness”, no matter what others might think of us or how we may have to release our reputation and standing into the Lord's hands, just as Mary did. These are short yet powerful thoughts here, Bettie. The haiku is lovely too! I'm really being blessed as I read these devotions you are participating in. Thank you for sharing them here. Blessings, love and hugs to you! xoxo


  4. Dear Joy,
    Oh your words are such a sweet blessing to me after a rough evening here! God knows the encouragement that we need to keep choosing His way of Holiness, doesn't He? I pray that He will keep my heart open to hear His calling and leading. And I pray that you are being strengthened and refreshed by Him! Love and hugs to you dear friend! xoxo


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