25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 13

“and asked, “Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? We saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.” Matthew 2:2
 The Wise Men: we all place the little statues of them carefully around the manger. But they were not there on the night He was born. 
No, they came much later. After the Shepherds had gone, after the mystery of the birth had waned, the Wise Men still were persistent to follow their charts, to trace the star, and worship the King that the star foretold.
When the crowds thin out, when my friends go the other way, will I still follow the path of the KING born that night? . . . 

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Be blessed!
And the #HolyHaiku continues
with my friend
Susan Chamberlain Shipe


where the prompt for today is
Earlier this week I thought that I would be
skipping this prompt. But only God would
see how much I needed these words myself.

In the midst of heaviness and pain
will I let the enemy
steal my praise?
Or will I choose to honor
and give Him all the Glory
due His Name?
Jesus still reigns eternal!
And He still has my Worship!
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6 thoughts on “25 Days of Christmas ~ Day 13

  1. You know this already, but your post for Ifeoma was such a blessing to read. Thank you for all your encouragement, Bettie.

    This Haiku is packed with such truth. Amen!! “But our KING reigns still” Praying for you. Sending you hugs from afar. Praising Him for His faithfulness to us in the pain.


  2. Oh Dear Anna, thank you for your encouragement too! He is so faithful to us, isn't He? Ever leading us back into HIS heart, finding our rest in praising Him there. I appreciate your prayers so much my friend! Hugs and love to you! xo


  3. Thank you for all of your wonderful encouragement this beautiful Christmas season, sweet friend! At church last night, they were talking about this very thing…that the wise men didn't come until later. God help us to always seek for Him in everything we do! Sending much love to you today, and I am praying for you!!


  4. Dear Cheryl,
    Oh, how sweet of the Lord to confirm His word like that! I love when that happens–He truly does want us to know how close He is to us. And I agree with your prayer so much, to “always seek for Him in everything we do!” I am so in need of HIM! Thank you for your prayers, sweet friend! I am praying for you and your family also! Much Love and Hugs to you!


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