A Letter to my Friends

Hello, My Friend,

I am so thankful that you asked how I was doing the other day. You see, on many days it’s hard for me to get out, and I really do appreciate your concern. Sometimes when people look at me, it’s hard to tell that anything difficult is going on because much of the pain I feel is not outward. That’s the way with Fibromyalgia: it’s called one of the “invisible illnesses.”  But my Rheumatologist has given me a real diagnosis, and the pain of Fibromyalgia Syndrome is often complex and hard to understand.

Could I share with you what some of my days look like?

When I wake up in the morning, usually it’s a struggle to get out of bed. Even if I have slept, (but many nights I do not sleep well,) I still wake up dragging and feeling like I am walking through concrete. My Doctor has told me the term for that is “un-refreshing sleep,” and is common with Fibro patients. After I have my breakfast and my one cup of coffee that I allow myself, I might get a burst of energy and feel like I can finally catch up on some of my activities. . . .

To read the rest of this post, please join me over at my dear friend, Mandy Farmer’s site:

Leaving a Legacy.

I am so honored to be part of her series, “Letters to Friends,” in which several fibro bloggers are writing letters to share their experiences with fibromyalgia.




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I am so thankful that our Lord allows us to share our weaknesses with each other. And as we look to Him, in the sharing, our God will meet us right there:

He gives strength to the weary
    and increases the power of the weak.

Isaiah 40:29



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4 thoughts on “A Letter to my Friends

    1. Dear Joy, Thank you for your sweet comments! Your encouragement means so much to me, because I know you walk through so many difficult days too! Love and hugs to you too my sweet sister! xoxo

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  1. Bettie, as someone living with fibro alongside you, you have described this illness incredibly well. I love that Jesus walks us through each and every moment — and a lot of days I’m pretty sure He carries me altogether.

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    1. Dear Shelby, Oh yes, I agree with you that “I’m pretty sure He carries me altogether,” on many days. He continues to show me more about the depth of His sufficiency in my life! God Bless you my dear Fibro-Sister-Friend!


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