Where it all Began

Today I am so honored and blessed to be sharing a guest post from my daughter, Rebecca.  It’s amazing when you have walked with your children through the daily joys and trials of life, to find that one day you look around and they are grown up with children of their own!   Where did the years fly to?  I pray that you will be encouraged as Rebecca shares a portion of her story, and the path that God is leading her on these days:




Hello! Thank you for joining me today, and for letting me share my heart with you.


I have been using essential oils for a few years now, on and off, but joined up with DōTERRA just this last year, to reach, and bless others with these amazing, life changing products. As I was thinking about all that I wanted to say here, and how I could get it all said in writing, the Lord took me back to when my love for natural solutions, and “the power of plants” began.


Here’s where it all started for me . . .




This garden in front of one of my childhood homes, began to awaken in me a desire to work with my hands, as well as my heart, to bless others. My Mom was the “gardening guru” in the neighborhood, and everyone came to her with yard questions. For her, it was doing what she loved…it was an expression of worship to the Lord from her soul. For the neighborhood, it was beauty within a run down, sometimes grungy townhome complex , where most of us looked out our windows to a scenery of asphalt, and cars.

Even though she can no longer spend the hours she used to in her garden, my Mom still makes time every spring, and summer (fibromyalgia flares and all), to plant a few vegetables, lug the hose out, and weed out the vines that get in the way of that beautiful “sanctuary.”


Anyways, I could go on and on about the gardens my Mom planted . . .


I “hated” (but secretly liked), working with her out there, and planting, but like most teens, I wanted to “keep up my appearances.” Through those years, I believe the Lord used those times to influence my love for creation . . . the things He created to give us life, and to bring life to others.


During the first few years of my marriage, the Lord worked on me in the area of anxiety. I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder, and then quickly fell into a season of depression. Since then I have gone in and out of those “issues,” but thankfully by prayer support, and a loving family, the Lord has blessed me with the tools I need to move through those “issues,” and find His healing. Yes, essential oils have been a huge part of that healing for me. A couple years ago, after a health scare with my husband, we began using essential oils more frequently, and since then, we have grown in our knowledge, and use of them. Since using oils and supplements, my husband and I, and even our little 3 year old, have been able to maintain optimal health mentally, physically, AND emotionally. I learned that peppermint oil can help anything from IBS flare ups, to migraines, and allergies. I learned that clove is good for immunity. I learned that Ylang Ylang oil is good for hormone support . . . and the list goes on. We have also reduced the toxic load in our home by using natural plant based cleaning supplies, supplements, and foods, and I have been healing hormonally also as a result.


For me, essential oils take me back to my Mom’s gardens, and make me feel at home. Knowing what I do, is because of her knowledge of plants and their benefits, and their scientific makeup. This knowledge has only caused me to study harder the amazing benefits of essential oils. I’m thankful that essential oils have become so accessible to us these days.

 God has given us these amazing parts of creation for our own benefits, and it is my desire to see others being blessed by them, and to see others living a whole, healthy lifestyle. I would love to help you get these amazing blessings into your own home!


Before I close, I want to share a word that the Lord gave me a couple of weeks ago during a time that could have sent me down an anxious spiral. I still struggle with anxiety, but the Lord is my strength, and He is yours too. I hope this word blesses you as much as it did me…


He said, “I want you to come to me with true emotion . . . not your anxiety.” I pondered that for a while, and questioned it even, and then the Lord spoke again, “anxiety is NOT real, and it is NOT a real emotion. Anxiety is a stress reaction to an emotion that is already there. I (the Lord) WANT the EMOTIONS from your heart, whatever they are. I’m not afraid or offended by any of them…AS LONG AS YOU GIVE THEM TO ME.” A person with anxiety issues, can understand that our brains have “learned” to accept anxiety as an actual emotion. Where it does cause us to “feel” certain ways, to me it is more of an action. Anxiety is what takes over an emotion, to replace it with toxic levels of stress, related to…FALSITY. Emotions go deeper than just how we feel. Emotions are like the language to what we are feeling. ANXIETY IS THE THIEF OF THAT LANGUAGE; it’s the thief of any truth, and it causes us to feel…unstable, insecure, chaotic, and confused. Because God is all truth, and He gives all truth, He wants the same in return from us. He gives us His WHOLE heart! That’s why He wants our WHOLE hearts in return.


Create in me a pure heart, O God,
    and renew a steadfast spirit within me. Psalm 51:10 NIV


Don’t be afraid to give God what you really feel. It’s there that the healing can start. If you aren’t sure how you feel anymore because anxiety has clouded your judgment, trust me, I’ve been there too friend. Ask God to reveal to you your true heart again. He will. Remember, He sees you, not just as who you are now, but who you will become, when you are standing before him in eternity, if you call upon Him.


But now, this is what the Lord says—
    he who created you, Jacob,
    he who formed you, Israel:
“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you;
    I have summoned you by name; you are mine. Isaiah 43:1 NIV






Rebecca and I are so excited to offer you all a chance for some fun freebies, and great information!  She offers classes for anyone who would like to learn about the benefits of essential oils. And this week she is creating a Facebook private group for an online class to be held this Thursday night, March 22nd, just for those of us here, and our friends. It will be a Facebook live event on the group page, but the class itself will be posted there for a few more days if you miss it live.  Contact me or let me know in the comments below if you would like to be included in this group.  I am so thankful for the ways that God leads and guides us along our journeys!


You can find Rebecca at her website:  Doterra.com/rebeccalila

And on Instagram:  Lemon in my cup



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39 thoughts on “Where it all Began

  1. As moms, we don’t always realize the impact we have on our children until they are grown. Bettie, your gardening really had an effect on Rebecca, and I know you are pleased with the direction she has taken. Rebecca, thanks so much for sharing your story and for your words on anxiety. I never really thought about anxiety actually covering up the real emotion behind it, but it’s true, and it does try to take over. My son and I were just talking about anxiety yesterday and your words are so timely. I plan to share them with him.

    Blessings to you both! Hugs and much love! xo

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    1. Dear Gayl, Oh, thank you for your support and your prayers, in the Mama journey! It is such a special blessing when we can share with our adult children, isn’t it? What a gift that we couldn’t have imagined when they were so young, and the days were so busy! Blessings, love and hugs to you my friend! xo

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  2. Hi Gayle! This is Rebecca! I’m glad you were blessed by the words about anxiety! I’ll be keeping you and your son in my prayers. Jesus is so faithful. I’m glad that He wants our whole, genuine hearts. Blessings always!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this, Bettie and Rebecca! I loved your words about anxiety! It is something I have struggled with too but I have never thought about it being a reaction to something that is already there rather than an emotion in its own right. I’m grateful that we can go to God and tell him exactly how we feel. You have definitely given me something to think about!

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    1. Hi Lesley! I’m glad you were encouraged today! I’m glad that God walks with us through our trials. He is so compassionate towards His kids!

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    2. Dear Lesley, Thank you for your sweet comments and for visiting here today! Our God is truly so good to ask us to come to Him with our whole hearts, isn’t He? I am so reminded of the song that you wrote for my friend, Anna Smit. It still brings comfort to me when I listen to it! And, the Lord uses the gift of music to help us open our deeper hearts to Him! Blessings to you!

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    1. Dear Ifeoma, yes, aren’t those essential oils a special gift from the Lord? I am so happy for your comments here today, my friend! What a blessing to be able to pray for each other and our children, no matter what their ages are! 🙂 Love and Blessings to you too!


  4. I so had to chuckle reading this: “I “hated” (but secretly liked), working with her out there”. Oh it won’t be long before our kids will be at that stage with us, Becky 😅.

    So beautiful to see how gently our God brings His healing touch into our lives, step by step.

    Love the beautiful wisdom God gave you about anxiety. In going through PTSD I am learning to let the waves of emotions come and wash over me, rather than try to rationalize them. I’m learning to release control and trust Jesus will keep my head above water AND will bring His healing one step at a time. Yes, our Jesus takes us “through” things and there’s so much more beauty in that, when we let Him lead us.

    It’s a lesson I have to keep learning over and over again: FEEL those emotions. They’re not bad. They’re not wrong. Invite Jesus into them. So thankful for His patient and gentle love.

    Keep writing, Becky. You are a blessing. Love from your Netherlands buddy 😁.

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    1. Dear Anna,
      I love the ways that God brings His lessons home to our hearts! And I love the way that He interconnects are paths. You have been such a blessing to me, and a blessing to Becky also. Thank you for your many prayers through this journey that we are on. I will never forget the gift that you were to me, when you responded to a prayer request that I shared on your own blog. Jesus has been so faithful! Love and Hugs to you!


  5. Anna, this is Becky…yes! You are so right! My son will be doing that with me someday soon too! Ha. I love your persistent, and tenacious heart that pursues God with everything you are! You are a huge blessing too! Love you so much friend!!!

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  6. Thanks Rebecca for sharing this story with the great insight that anxiety is not an emotion.
    Bettie, You have a lovely family. Each one of your children has found their God-given gifts in their own way – to serve others. Your prayers are being answered in numerous ways.
    Blessings to you and all your family.

    P.S. Maybe your daughter might find some essential oil to help you where medications seem to fail! You never know what surprises might turn up.

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    1. Dear Lisa, thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouragement on this journey! And, yes, the Lord is so faithful! I am so hopeful that more oils can indeed help me during this time when medications fail. Only God could work such a beautiful miracle! Love and Blessings to you!


  7. Hi Rebecca/Becky, it’s so lovely to meet you here and read your insightful words! I’ve not looked at anxiety in quite that way before, and I guess it’s true of other negative feelings as well. We need to dig deeper to find the root cause of them. I have used essential oils for a few years now and found them really helpful for relaxation, enabling me to sleep better, easing nausea and providing a needful energy boost as well. Though their effects may be fairly shortlived, I feel better just knowing they are natural and far less likely to harm a sensitive system when used wisely. Once upon a time I took a mini course in aromatherapy, and would have loved to have pursued it as a career if worsening chronic illness hadn’t intervened. Sadly, I’m not up to Facebook group engagement at the moment and actually have a physical event to try to attend on the 22nd, but I wish you all the best! May God continue to bless you, your family and the work He gives you to do. 🙂

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    1. Dear Joy, I am so glad that you have found some essential oils to be helpful! They are so good for relaxation. I am hopeful there can be some new ones to help me during this time of waiting on medications. God truly knows what we need, and has His help to comfort us! Thank you for encouragement and support through so many days, my friend! You are a blessing and a gift! Love and Hugs! xoxo

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  8. Joy! Yes! I was just thinking that. It’s so important to address the root cause of what we are dealing with. Essential oils are so wonderful aren’t they? I have found that implementing them into my daily lifestyle has caused me to feel better than I ever have! I pray blessings over you. Thanks for stopping in to read my post today.

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  9. Becky, it’s been wonderful getting to meet some members of Bettie’s family via her blog, and to discover they are all as lovely as she is! You are blessed indeed to have her as your mother. May you continue to improve health-wise and see positive changes in your family’s life. 😊💜

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  10. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on anxiety. I am sure I’ve characterized it as an emotion before. I am new to essential oils but am finding that they really do help keep me healthy. I love receiving my “oil of the month” from the company I order from and learning about the benefits of it. Thanks for sharing your insight and it was so nice meeting you!

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    1. Thanks for your words Barbie! Yes, essential oils are so much more powerful than we realize! I’m glad you have some of your own! They are a necessity in my house 😊! Blessings to you.

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      1. Also, I agree about characterizing anxiety as an emotion. I believe that is definitely a feeling…but I also see how it masks the true emotion. I always think of anxiety like “worrying on steroids!” It has been a mountain in my life, but I’m just so grateful for Jesus, and His constant help, and wisdom that he so graciously offers to His people.

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  11. How wonderful to “meet” your daughter! We love essential oils, too. We have found Thieves to be one of the most useful in our home, and each time we feel like we are getting a cold or sinus infection, we all start looking for the Thieves bottle! LOL! Such a blessing to read this, and the part I loved most is the part about anxiety not being a real emotion. Wow! That was eye-opening to me. I am really going to try to remember this. I LOVE what the dear Lord said to Rebecca and am so thankful she shared. It was a real comfort to me today. God bless you both richly!

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    1. Thanks Cheryl! I am blown away by that word the Lord gave to me too! Glad to meet you. I really enjoyed being a guest writer for my Mom this week. Blessings to you!

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    2. Dear Cheryl, Thank you for your sweet comments here today! It really was such a blessing to have my daughter share here this week. God has been so good to bring such beautiful help through His Holy Spirit. And, we are so thankful for the ways that essential oils are becoming a positive help too! He does bring so many ways to help us, doesn’t He? Hugs and Blessings to you too, my friend!


  12. Hi Bettie,
    How lovely to read the words of your daughter! I’ve heard about essential oils and how helpful they can be so I’m glad to hear that your daughter has experienced relief by using them. I also read your previous post about fighting your own physical difficulties and I think of you so often and pray for you! I’ve missed a few of your posts in this busy season I’m finding myself in these days but sending lots of love to you today! xoxo

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    1. Valerie,
      Thanks for sharing! I know you wrote to my Mom, but I wanted to say hi also. First off, your name is my favorite in the world (my Mom can share that story with you sometime!). Also, if you would like to learn more about oils, I’d love to add you to my closed Facebook group for a class tomorrow night! Let me or my mom know. I have read your blog many times before and your words always bless me! 💗

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    2. Dear Valerie, I appreciate your kind words and prayers so much my friend! I always miss your writing when your blog is silent for awhile also, so I pray for you too, that the Lord would help you during the busy days. I am so glad that He does find ways to bring us relief and help–and I was so blessed to have my daughter sharing here this week. She has shared some of the new information she is learning about essential oils, and it is so fascinating! If you want to join us tomorrow, just let us know! May you have a Blessed Palm Sunday week, my friend! Hugs and Love to you! xoxo


  13. So lovely to meet your daughter and to see how the writing gene flows throughout your children. These words are a reminder that our children are always watching and learning from us. What might seem little at the time leaves the biggest impact.

    Your words about anxiety really hit home today. I also suffer from anxiety and remembering it is the thief of our emotions provides a new perspective for me. God is our truth and wants nothing more than for us to remember that daily. Such a beautiful gift of words today.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I’m so thankful how the Lord is speaking similar words to us all about anxiety!! Blessings in your days!

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    2. Dear Mary, Oh yes, those little eyes are always watching aren’t they? I love your thought that “what might seem little at the time leaves the biggest impact.” God is always working to bring our children to Himself. And He continues to call us closer to Himself too. I am so thankful that He touched you with these words about anxiety today also. He knows just what we need! Hugs and love to you, friend!


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