His Ways Are So High

Just when we thought spring was finally on its way, our tricky Midwestern weather decided it needed another backwards dance with ice and snow.   My heart can sometimes feel that backwards pull.  Maybe yours does also?   After decades of praying for relief for my husband's chronic knee injury, when the actual surgery for … Continue reading His Ways Are So High

Poetry and the Stillness of LIfe

I awoke early this morning, waiting for the new arrival of our youngest Grandbaby, and my heart was filled with so many emotions. Too full for expression evenSo I looked over at Ronovan Hester's site to see if he had posted the prompts for this week for his poetry challenge issued at #RonovanWrites, where the charge is … Continue reading Poetry and the Stillness of LIfe

Wounded for my Healing

Shuffling, re-organizing, simplifying, stripping away the old. All the right words to be passed at the table during this Spring-Cleaning-Time-Of-Year. And, wow, was I on it!  I may not have had the energy or strength to strip the paint, but I sure cleaned out the old notebooks left over from Homeschooling Days!  (It's been a decade since … Continue reading Wounded for my Healing