Jewels in His Hand

The amethyst bloomson this Catmintin my gardenwere shining likebeautiful jewelsthis morning.And last night's versewas made all the morereal for me:The Lord their God will save his people on that day    as a shepherd saves his flock.They will sparkle in his land    like jewels in a crown. Zechariah 9:16 NIVInto a week filled with both weariness and blessings, and an … Continue reading Jewels in His Hand

Day 29: What to do When it’s Hard to Listen

The weekend is here, and I should be energized!  Instead I am drained and weary, and longing for rest.  Has it been a long weekfor you as well? Then I pray that the words I utter to our Lordwill draw you in so that you can hear the words that He, Himself,has spoken to us."Dear Jesus,our days have … Continue reading Day 29: What to do When it’s Hard to Listen