Winter Wheat: Part 2

While I was immersed in last month's #31Days of Listeningwith Chronic Illness,you may remember the two words that my friendshared with me:Winter Wheat,and the post I wrote about it here. There were notes I had taken then,while I researched,that my heart tucked awayto be held in a silent hugbecause they felt too personal. But then that same friend … Continue reading Winter Wheat: Part 2

Day 25: Listen through the Slow and Cold

I love spring flowers.So, when I had a sudden burst of energy this morning,I used up all my allotment of said energyto plant some spring bulbs. And as I strained and struggled with the task that would have been but a minor choreonly a few years ago,I remembered the words that a good friendhad shared with me … Continue reading Day 25: Listen through the Slow and Cold