Grace upon Grace

“Trials must and will befall,
But with humble faith to see
LOVE inscribed upon them all,
This is Happiness to me.”
–W. Cowper
I think I may have started too many books this summer.  But yet, is that even possible?  In this RA/fibro-fog life, my mind seems to crave more words than normal.  As if filling up the foggy areas with one more dose of Holy might just help me remember a little longer. 
So the started-but-not-yet-finished stack of books on my Kindle and on my table has me feeling like a child-at-Christmas-time again. So much JOY just waiting for me to partake.  But there was a time when unfinished books left me in a state of stress because each one was just one more task that I was not finishing on time.  How did I move from a place of stress to one of joy?  I want to know because maybe there is a lesson to be learned here, to apply to other areas of my life.
What if I could see LOVE written all over my unfinished chores, and weakened states?  What if those trials became Grace-just-waiting-to-happen as I changed my place of viewing? I have prayed so often, “Jesus I need your mercy and your grace here!” but what if the Grace is stacked up on the table, already waiting for me to partake?
Instead of bemoaning my lack of baking and cooking strength– what if I saw my daily Crock-pot-Meal as Grace given for this day?
Instead of staring at the weeds overtaking the paths through my little front-yard woods trail–what if I saw those rugged areas as my very own Grace-filled-nature-preserve set in front of my eyes?
And instead of dreary-filled-thoughts of slowed-down-days–what if I tasted the Grace of time given to savor Jesus, alone with Him?
“For out of His fullness (the superabundance of His grace and truth) we have all received grace upon grace (spiritual blessing upon spiritual blessing, favor upon favor, and gift heaped upon gift.)” John 1:16–The Amplified Version
I have been returning to Joy Lenton’s book, Seeking Solace, again and again lately.  I even quoted a portion of this poem to my counselor last week:

Set Me Free

“Set me free

I no longer want 
to be ensared

by the chains 
of my past, or

held fast by fear
for the future

Set me free

to fly uncaged
in the current

of your grace,
releasing all I am

and can be
into your embrace.”

As I left my counselor’s office, she said to me, “When I think of you now, I’m going to picture you floating in a pool of Grace.” So, flying or floating, there is a freedom that I seek.

Instead of gripping the past with hands too weak to hold on any longer–my Jesus has gifted me with the Grace to open my hands and receive HIS JOY,  enough for this day.
The rough-edged nature trail as viewed from my deck.
I am linking this week with some wonderful bloggers over at #TellHisStory  with Jennifer Dukes Lee,
 and  #TeaAndWord  with Meg Weyerbacher  and #ChronicFridayLinkup  at Being Fibro Mom. Won’t you join me?



8 thoughts on “Grace upon Grace

  1. Ah – Grace!!! love that He gives us grace abounding… I like the idea of looking at even the basic of things as our grace for the day – the crockpot meal, the piles of books to read, etc…. thanks for sharing today at Meg's #TeaAndWordTuesday


  2. Hi Bettie,
    I thought for sure you were going to give us a little glimpse into the titles of the stack of books waiting for you! I feel the same way when I check out an armload from the library — it's like I have a stack of presents waiting for me to unwrap and I get almost giddy! (Silly, I know!) But your courage and heart to find the good inspires me, Bettie. You know that God has beauty in your days, if you keep your eyes on him to find it. I'm honored to know you and I lift you up in prayer to our heavenly father as I walk outside each night! xo


  3. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for stopping by here! Yes, isn't God so good to freely give us His Grace-Gifts all around? If only we could open our eyes to see them! –Blessings to you!


  4. Thank you Valerie for your kind and encouraging words! These prayers that we can offer for each other–I think they are another of God's Grace Gifts! I am blessed to have met you in this digital community! And what a good idea, Valerie! Wouldn't it be fun if more of us posted a “What I'm reading now” entry? Hmmm….. –Hugs and Blessings!


  5. Wow! First time here! You and I have much in common. I was born on a dairy farm in Ohio and raised in Wisconsin. As an adult have lived in SC, WI, and GA. I homeschooled my children and for the past 5 years have been struggling with chronic pain. Diagnosed with R.A. and fibromyalgia. Good to meet you


  6. Hi Amanda, Wow, isn't God good to bring connections like this? Thank you for stopping by here! I look forward to reading more of your posts also! –Blessings to you


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