The Invitations

Birthdays come no matter how we feel.  Young and energetic, or weary and worn-out, those years add up!  And while we know we should be thankful for every breath that comes our way, if we would be honest, I think each one of us has had a year or two when we just weren't sure … Continue reading The Invitations

An Eye of Forgiveness

Is there no one here to speak for me?She had cried out in her shame.Buried beneath a sin so deepWith no way to escapeThe judgment poured down on her.                             But Jesus stepped into the crowdBent down on the sandAnd waited, waited for herAccusersThose without sin to cast the stones. Woman, He asked,Where are your … Continue reading An Eye of Forgiveness


Breathe, He said to meAs my harried soul jumpedFrom one thought to the nextAnd my carried over burdensJumped from now to then.                                       Breathe, He said to meAs His whispered breath flutteredOnto my thoughtsAnd His gentle yoked peaceFilled slowly the crevices.Breathe, He said to meAs words called from the mistAbove my raging stormAnd Humbled Heart learningDrew … Continue reading Breathe

When Freedom Walks In

The mind has Corners and cranniesWhere hidden lieMemoriesThe heart wantsUncoveringFrom carryingThe burden Where can they meet?Heart and mindLike oil and waterRefuse to mix.Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account.Hebrews 4:13 NIV A child sat on the side of the … Continue reading When Freedom Walks In

Spring Brings New Life

Every spring I wait for it. And every spring I stand in awe.The colors of new life astound my eyes. Has there ever been another green so vivid or so pure? Surely this is the first time I've seen anything like it.  I tell my heart to slow down. I've seen it all before. But silly … Continue reading Spring Brings New Life

Let Me See You

I spent a lot of time this week thinking about the gift of marriage.  A lot can happen over the course of the decades, both for the good and the bad.  When my husband and I were starry-eyed teenagers, we thought we saw Beauty when we looked in each other's eyes.What we really saw were dreams … Continue reading Let Me See You

The Gardener Must Prune

Hydrangea ArborescensHave you been smitten by the Hydrangea-Love that seems to be overtaking many gardeners? I know I have, but living here in a cold hilly pocket close to Wisconsin lakes, it takes a gamble to risk most varieties. I wrote about my sweet neighbor and the hydrangeas in her Secret Garden here,and the summer that … Continue reading The Gardener Must Prune

Spring Breath

This is the time of year when my hopes get the best of me. A sunny day suddenly appears, and all thoughts of snow and winter are far behind. Even if the temperature is all over the place, it's the first day of Spring, after all!Do you see springtime in the blue sky also?This week … Continue reading Spring Breath

The King Calls

Have you envisioned your daybefore ever your eyes were openand saw the samenessstretching outover and over?I know I have.Have you opened the windowbefore ever the door was crackedand saw the greynessstretching outtill the bark touched the sky?I know I have.But a different soundis rising in my hearingand a different viewis beckoning my eyes to see.The … Continue reading The King Calls

Ice Melt

I have been waiting all winter for these days. The time when the ice on the lake in our little town begins its receding has come early this year.  What a beautiful day to stand in the sun warmth and see the ice actually melting!Has God been waiting and watching me, preparing the way for … Continue reading Ice Melt