Transforming Stillness

It's Week 7 with our friend Jayber Crowover at Michele Morin's site,Living Our Days,and Jayber is finding his world has spun on its axis.Have you been on that spinning ball?It was a spinning week for me,with lingering side effects followed by more medical tests.So I have been pondering the effects that grief and spinning will have … Continue reading Transforming Stillness

The Stillness of Poetry, Part 2

"Be Thou my Sun, my selfishness destroy,Thy atmosphere of Love be all my joy;Thy Presence be my sunshine ever bright,My soul the little mote that lives but in Thy light."--Gerhard TersteegenOn such a day as this, with our Land facing such inner turmoil, my own heart is choosing to look up,to remain in that place ofStillness … Continue reading The Stillness of Poetry, Part 2

Day 30: Glean and Listen Part 4

My man and I took our Grandpuppy,Pepper the Schnauzer(she's actually the face for my #Write31Days Challenge Thumbnail below!)for a very short walk yesterday.As I stood watching the two of them,thinking that my days of long hikesare only a memory now,I can still be thankful for the gracethat allows me to take a short walknow and … Continue reading Day 30: Glean and Listen Part 4

Grace upon Grace

"Trials must and will befall,But with humble faith to seeLOVE inscribed upon them all,This is Happiness to me."--W. CowperI think I may have started too many books this summer.  But yet, is that even possible?  In this RA/fibro-fog life, my mind seems to crave more words than normal.  As if filling up the foggy areas … Continue reading Grace upon Grace


Awakening   --by Joy Lenton,  from her book,  Seeking Solace   In the quiet morning hour I press my ear to earth And listen with intent,   Because in the stillness I can hear soft breath Of Holy Spirit sighs   Awakening all around And as the world stirs It heeds the call to arise, … Continue reading Remnants