Day 22: Listening for His Protection

As I am rejoicing, and saying
“Thank you Father!”
for protecting me through this 
latest round of testing,
and the biopsies that are “benign,”
I am trusting that He still holds me
through the painful days
and weary ways.
And my prayer for you today is that 
you would feel the arms of Jesus
and the brush of Angel Wings
surrounding you
and carrying you through 
every trial
and every storm you may be facing. 
This song was a favorite in our house
when our children were young,
but my heart is still moved
these many years later.
May you be encouraged as you listen to this blessing:

This is Day 22 for the #Write31Days Challenge
Thank you for walking with me through this
#31Days of Listening with Chronic Illness.
If you want to catch up on any missed posts,

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8 thoughts on “Day 22: Listening for His Protection

  1. Praise God for the benign results!! Thank You, Jesus!!!

    That song is so beautiful: thank you for sharing.

    And thank you so much for your sweet encouragement via comments on my blog, especially today's. I was struggling with having shared so openly again, so your words were a balm.


  2. Rejoicing with you, sweet friend!! Such great news to lift you, Bettie, and all those who have been praying for you! I love the song, too, though it's a new one for me. Thank you for pointing us back to the place where we can seek solace and comfort at all times, safe beneath the Father's wings. May you bask in the Father's protective love for you, feel peace seep into your heart as a soothing balm and sense the oil of joy sparking gratitude, worship and praise. With much love and every blessing. xox


  3. Thank you Anna, for your support and prayers! And I am glad that you were encouraged also, as I am so grateful for the ways that you share your heart! –Blessings to you!


  4. Dear Joy, Yes, I am so thankful for my Lord's solace and comfort! And what a blessing to be able to rejoice with you too, as you have been a true friend lifting me to the Father's heart. Your prayers have been such a gift! May you be blessed this weekend! xoxo


  5. Dear Trudy, OH YES He is so faithful to us! I am so grateful that He sends us dear friends to love and support through the weary ways! As you have been that for me, I pray that He brings you everything you need as well, my friend! xoxo


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