Day 23: Glean and Listen Part 3

Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NIV)  Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

As promised last week, I have compiled a list of a few 
Online Christian Communities
for those with Chronic Illness.
 These ministries have blessed me
because God has created us to be in
with each other. We need each other.
But when illness or weakness prevents
the normal gathering,
what a blessing to find that connections 
are still possible, in different forms.
When we listen to hear God show us
the ways that we can help, and be helped,
beyond our normal scope of thinking,
we may be surprised by the way
He leads us.
One of the communities that I have recently been blessed with 
is a Facebook group 

God-Living Girls, a group for women with Chronic Pain or Illness

Because they offer a safe place to gather,
to share prayer requests and praises,
participate in online Bible studies,
and even join in a Sunday Online Church Event,
their group is limited to those who have been invited.
If you are interested, click on the above link,
to receive more information,
and to request an invitation to join their group. 

Another community that I have mentioned on my blog recently
is called:
Chronic-Joy Ministry 

This Non-Profit Ministry was co-founded by the author
of the great book,

Discovering Hope
Cindee Snider Re is a compassionate follower of Jesus
who has walked the road of Chronic Illness
herself, and with members of her family.
This Ministry offers many personal stories,
encouragement, and resources for
those of us who may feel alone in this journey.
Click on the link above to find out more about this 
beautiful ministry.

And finally, here is one more link for the Chronic Illness
support group that has ties with Joni and Friends.
This Ministry is called:

Rest Ministries 

and was founded more than 20 years ago
by a fellow Rheumatoid Arthritis warrior.
Click on the link above to find great Devotionals,
support groups, and information about
local small groups in your area.

My prayer for you is that you would never feel
 cut off, or alone
in this journey of walking
through Chronic Illness.
Jesus has ways
to bring you the help
and support
that HE knows is so needful.

He wants to place you in the part of His Body
where you belong.  

Next weekend, as the final part of this GLEAN & LISTEN
“series within a series,”
I hope to share a list of a few books that
have meant the most to me in these early days of
walking with Chronic Illness.

This is Day 23 of the #Write31Days Challenge.

I am so blessed to be walking with you through 
these #31 Days of Listening with Chronic Illness.
Click here for the Series Index 


6 thoughts on “Day 23: Glean and Listen Part 3

  1. Bettie, the beautiful verse from Ecclesiastes which you open with is a favourite of mine and a wonderful portrayal of Christian marriage, as well as community. We are definitely all stronger together! I love the informative links you have provided. Chronic Joy Ministry is one I know and receive posts from. Cindee Snider Re is a beautiful, kind and generous soul who I have been privileged to collaborate with in sharing poetry enhanced by her awesome images. I've yet to read her book but it's on my wish list!
    Rest Ministries intrigued me, so I clicked over and requested to join their Facebook community. I am careful not to overstretch myself in that area and rarely engage in the groups I am already involved in, but this one seems specifically geared to my needs.
    Thank you for sharing this helpful info to support those with chronic illness. Such groups provide a valuable service and needful listening ear, especially to those new to the altered lifestyle which having chronic illness imposes on us. Bless you, dear friend! xox


  2. Dear Joy, Oh, yes that verse is such a good one for joining together with Christ! I am so glad that you and Cindee know each other! I feel blessed to have such beautiful connections! I hope that the Lord continues to bring you just the right amount of involvements that He knows you need. I am finding it to feel like a tightrope somedays, but I know that He will set my feet where they need to be. Bless you on this last week of our #Write31Days Challenge my friend! xoxo


  3. Hi Kim, Oh I am so glad you were helped by these connections, and could join in! I pray that they are a blessing to you going forward! Happy Monday to you too, dear sister! –Blessings!


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