It should be no surprise that I've decorated for Christmas using the color Blue.My rooms are full of blueyear longand every season.But this year, Blue,INDIGO,has taken on a deeper meaning,as I've looked at the Shepherds,and felt the night watcheslike never before. Are you a blue person?  I think there are some of us who choosethe … Continue reading Indigo

Day 19: The Anointing in the Listening

Post Exertional MalaiseThis is the term for what I lay in bed feeling.It's the "payback" that comes with many auto-immune diseases--24 to 48 hours after the initial stress of something that is beyond the scope of your normal,you should not be surprised if your body has asecondary reaction of painand fatigue,just as you thought you were ready … Continue reading Day 19: The Anointing in the Listening