Breathe, He said to meAs my harried soul jumpedFrom one thought to the nextAnd my carried over burdensJumped from now to then.                                       Breathe, He said to meAs His whispered breath flutteredOnto my thoughtsAnd His gentle yoked peaceFilled slowly the crevices.Breathe, He said to meAs words called from the mistAbove my raging stormAnd Humbled Heart learningDrew … Continue reading Breathe

Holy Ground

groundedhere in this sandquick sandit feelsdays run togetherwhen dutieslong stilledecho the hallschanging plansi follow thesunmete out mymomentsseeking afirmness wanting astrength ilose my clenchingfind what wasmissing seek what islosinglife laid downLORD of the moment heholds me beneathwhere groundshiftsi watch him plantseeds inmy feet standinggroundsand shiftingand life ishere bloomingwatered from wellspringing upHOLY GROUND “'Do not come any closer,' God said. 'Take … Continue reading Holy Ground

Spring Brings New Life

Every spring I wait for it. And every spring I stand in awe.The colors of new life astound my eyes. Has there ever been another green so vivid or so pure? Surely this is the first time I've seen anything like it.  I tell my heart to slow down. I've seen it all before. But silly … Continue reading Spring Brings New Life