Prodigal Mom

    Have you heard the call of the Heavenly Father as He asks you to join Him in prayer for the young ones?  Maybe you are a Mom of a Prodigal yourself?    I have walked that road, and I know the varying levels of pain and love that are felt inside of a … Continue reading Prodigal Mom

A Mama’s Cry

The hospital room was sterile and cold, a shivering place for a young teenager. My Mom had undergone a simple biopsy, but the time for Outpatient Procedures had not yet arrived in our 1970’s small town. So my Mom was awakening from the anesthesia and due to arrive back to her room at any time. … Continue reading A Mama’s Cry

Day 14: Hear the cry of the Broken

It was one of those days yesterday.  The kind where even the blue sky cannot chase away the grey in your heart. I offered my heart to God, asking for encouragement, and found sweet words from the heart of a friend to comfort me. Read Joy's post, "Beauty: When beauty brushes by on butterfly wings" from … Continue reading Day 14: Hear the cry of the Broken