In Him We Live and Move and Have our Being

Before I began this Journey into Chronic Illness more than two years ago,I had immersed myself in prayingthe Scriptures,through a Beth Moore book, titled,Praying God's Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual Strongholds.I did not see the place that lay before me.But my Lord was making preparation.Even as the pain began increasing,and the Specialist spoke the wordsChronic … Continue reading In Him We Live and Move and Have our Being

Day 14: Hear the cry of the Broken

It was one of those days yesterday.  The kind where even the blue sky cannot chase away the grey in your heart. I offered my heart to God, asking for encouragement, and found sweet words from the heart of a friend to comfort me. Read Joy's post, "Beauty: When beauty brushes by on butterfly wings" from … Continue reading Day 14: Hear the cry of the Broken

Brokenness into Birthing

  The wind was howling And my husband was snoring And it was one of those pain-filled-lying-awake-kind-of-nights.   But yet there was a difference this time.  Traveling along this road of brokenness, I am falling onto the comfort where Jesus has been waiting for me.  My last post shared about the truce with my body, and … Continue reading Brokenness into Birthing