Day 11: Listen for Encouragement

When I first began this blog,
I wrote from a place of obedience.
I knew that God was asking me to
be transparent and write the story of my days.
I could not have known how the course of my days would be
Shifting so soon.

The Fibromyalgia diagnosis, less than a month later,
was the catalyst that drew out
the sense of my utter alone-ness.
I had cried out for God’s help from the beginning of this
Rheumatoid Arthritis Season,
But I didn’t know how LOST I felt
Until another diagnosis was added in.

In that act of obedience, to write from my heart,
God was setting in motion the ENCOURAGEMENT
That He knew I needed.

I thought I was writing to share my words,
(and of course that happened)
But God was bringing in the encouragers
to let me know that I did not walk alone.

I have been amazed at the way God is using this 
Digital Blogging Community
as a way for His Body to connect with one another.
I wish that I could show you every comment that was uttered
back to me, speaking GRACE and LOVE
to my weary heart.
I wish I could let you see the countless times that
spoken in response to my words here
have been exactly what I needed to hear.
And I wish I could send you a link for every 
blogpost written by a another new friend
that lifted my eyes to see the 

So, in these days that feel so dark 
in this 
God has let me see another side
to this Digital World we now call Home.

For, whether we like it or not, this world 
is rapidly changing.
Technology is exploding all around us.
But God is not overwhelmed.

No, HE is at work, finding ways to reach out to us,
The Apple of His eye,
The Sheep of His Pasture,
bringing us the meat of His Word
through the words of His people.

Psalm 10:17 (NIV) You, Lord, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, 

So, dear friends, make use of FACEBOOK,
TWITTER, and INSTAGRAM, whatever
media presence you are a part of,
to share the Word of God, and the way that HE 
has brought you help.

You may never know how much your encouragement
means to someone who is walking alone,
desperately trying to listen for hope.

Today is Day 11 for the #Write31Day Challenge, where I am taking #31Days of Listening with Chronic Illness.

I am so blessed that you are here on this journey with me. If you have missed any of the other posts,

Click here for the Series Index 


 I am linking today with 
Jennifer Dukes Lee at #TellHisStory 
Meg Weyerbacher, #TeaAndWordTuesday 

13 thoughts on “Day 11: Listen for Encouragement

  1. Bettie, my heart says an echoing 'Amen!' to these words:
    “I thought I was writing to share my words,
    (and of course that happened)
    But God was bringing in the encouragers
    to let me know that I did not walk alone.”
    Oh how true this has been in my own blogging/writing journey, and how faithful God has been to provide friendship and support just when it is needed!
    If you'd have told me a few short years ago that I would be running 2 blogs, be active on social media, have made several friends world-wide (some of them really close soul sisters), have written a book and still have lots of ideas for writing others – well, I would probably have laughed at you.
    What, me? This technophobe? This stay-at-home, housebound, chronically sick woman? Yes, you, breathes Holy Spirit.. and you and you and you… never underestimate what the Lord will do! There's a moral there somewhere. 🙂 Xox


  2. “But God was bringing in the encouragers
    to let me know that I did not walk alone.”
    This hits home with me, too, Bettie! I'm so grateful for the blogging community. The friends we make here are very real and are gifts from God.


  3. Joy, when I read your blogs and your book, I would never know that you are a technophobe, except by your telling me! And you are one of those encouragers that I wrote about! Thank you for the ways that you share the blessing of what God has given to you. Isn't He so good to help us pass the blessing along? Holy Spirit Gifts! xoxo


  4. Hi Lisa, I am so glad to be getting to “know” you through these blogging pages! Thank you for the gifts that you have shared with your words and encouragement! –Blessings to you


  5. Bettie, your words speak to my heart this evening. Your words remind me that I, too, am not alone. God's Word tells me that He hears my cry, sees my tears, and touches my heart. We are sisters in the Lord and suffer from Fibromyalgia. I support you and lift you in prayer, Bettie. I am in my late 60s and have also had 5 surgeries in the past few years…3 to the spinal column. I hurt physically yet can walk and talk and share God's Word here and all around as you say. I am grateful that you are my neighbor and I came here. We are blessed even when we forget! Caring through Christ, ~ linda


  6. Linda, I am so sorry for the suffering that you have had to bear! I cannot imagine having so many surgeries, and to bear them while dealing with the pain & sensitivities of fibromyalgia? Oh, God must have held you up thru those deep places. I will hold you in my prayers, sister! I have been so blessed and encouraged by the words you share on your site! May God continue to bring HIS encouragement to you!


  7. Yes, hasn't God given us such great blessings as we journey this road? I am thankful to be getting to “know” you also, and to see the ways that God has worked in your life too! –Blessings to you!


  8. “But God was bringing in the encouragers to let me know that I did not walk alone.” I have found this to be true as well, Bettie. It's so amazing that we set out to encourage others that they're not alone, but God blesses us with the same. God is so gracious. I am always blessed when I read your blog. Hugs!


  9. Dear Trudy, I am so grateful that God would use my words to encourage you, because you so often have been that voice of encouragement and support to me! Isn't God so good to send just what we need, at just the right moment? Hugs to you my friend!


  10. This is so sweet, Bettie! I am so glad the Lord led you to write online. You have been such an encouragement to me and I totally feel your heart in these words. I agree completely and have been exposed and blessed to people and encouragement I prayed for but never really would have thought came in the way it did and continues to! I think so many are used to only seeing one side, and I hope God's light continues to shine brighter in the dark (as we know it will according to His Word!) Blessings to you always, and prayers continues, friend. Thanks for linking up at #TeaAndWord too!


  11. Thank you, Meg! I am so grateful for the ways that you have encouraged me, too, over these last few months! I have been blessed by your studies, and by your open heart to share, and by the link-up opportunities you've given. I just now updated this post, because I realized I hadn't linked back to your site! ooops! I still feel like a “newbie” in this digital age. 🙂 –Blessings to you!


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