The River is Eternal

"And always, from a time before anybody knew of time, the river had been there. From my sitting place where the woods stood up at the edge of the pasture, I could see the river, risen a little, swift and muddy from the spring rains, coming down the mile-long reach above the Willow Run bend, … Continue reading The River is Eternal

Rest for the Restless

I am slowly learning to recognizethe signalsmy body tries to send out to me. These restless nights,when my soul is so hungry for rest,Is there a message that I am missing?Since the RA/Fibromyalgia journeyset in,I can no longer just push my way throughthose signals.The restless nights will grow longer,the pain will intensify, and the fog of … Continue reading Rest for the Restless

Day 27: Listen for HIS Heartbeat

Five years ago today . . . Does your phone or tablet have that app?You know, the one that shows your picturesfrom a previous year,hoping that you will share them all over again?Well, this morning when I saw where I was five years  ago today,I heard a whisper from my Lord's heartbeat,"Write about my compassion." And I knew … Continue reading Day 27: Listen for HIS Heartbeat

Day 17: Listening from a Place of Worship

I have a faithful friend, given by the Lord,who follows my Blog,and makes encouraging comments,but adds something unique when he replies.In fact, every day since I started this #Write31Days Challenge,he has added at least one, and sometimes two.What are these unique treasures that he shares with me?Songs of Worshipthat take me to the heart of … Continue reading Day 17: Listening from a Place of Worship


"Invisible Illness Awareness Week" this year is September 26 - October 2, 2016Invisible Illness Awareness is a movement that was started over 10 years ago to encourage us to look around and see with new eyes the way that chronic illness is affecting so many people now-a-days. According to the US Centers for Disease Control … Continue reading #ThisIsChronicIllness

I Hear the Prairies Calling

  Compass Plant (silphium laciniatum)     So what do you do when your prayers are not answered in the way you hoped for?  What happens when the healing doesn't come? When the bills continue to pile up?  Or when the heartbreak feels like it will never end? I have been walking this path of … Continue reading I Hear the Prairies Calling